New Weight Loss Solution--How to Make Your Diet Work

Written by Michael A. Smith, MD

Statistically, two out of three dieters (roughly 68%) experience weight regain, which is gaining weight immediately after stopping a diet (in some cases during dieting). Weight regain posses a significant health risk to dieters because it initiates weight cycling, orrepparttar Yo-Yo Diet.

Why is this bad? Weight cycling has now been shown to decrease life expectancy rates and increase mortality associated with cardiovascular disease and certain cancers. For you, this means you must lose weight without gaining it back and avoidrepparttar 150396 dangerous cycle ofrepparttar 150397 Yo-Yo Diet.

How do you diet to lose weight and not gain weight back? It's not easy but I will share with you a few steps from my own research to help make it possible.

Diet Shock to Weight Regain

A quick review is in order before sharing with yourepparttar 150398 steps involved to prevent weight regain. Diet shock isrepparttar 150399 body's reaction to eating fewer calories and losing weight.

Unfortunately, diets onrepparttar 150400 market today employrepparttar 150401 exact method of weight loss that causes diet shock...severe calorie restriction producing extreme weight loss inrepparttar 150402 shortest time possible (aka, fast weight loss). This type of dieting method will eventually cause weight regain.

Why dorepparttar 150403 current dieting plans promote a weight loss method destined to fail? It's what you want. Fast and extreme weight loss is what sells. Slow and low weight loss (the method I designed several years ago for my overweight patients) does not satisfyrepparttar 150404 immediate gratification mentality of our society. In a nut shell, slow and low weight loss doesn't sell.

Once in diet shock, your body initiates a series of reactions that ultimately slow down your metabolic rate. From there, weight regain is just aroundrepparttar 150405 corner.

Remember, weight regain is not good for two reasons...

1. Leads torepparttar 150406 Yo-Yo Diet, which has now been shown to be as much of a health risk as obesity.

Lose Weight and Exercise Now Ė Or face the Music Later!

Written by Greg Ryan

My responsibility as a high profile fitness expert lies not in if you like me, or even if you buy my e books. My responsibility lies in giving you straight talk with no sugar coating it. Some of you will not like what I have to say, even though it isrepparttar truth. And that may be whererepparttar 150369 problem of Americanís health problems lies. No one wants to give yourepparttar 150370 truth.

You want quick fixes to your health problem that has taken years to develop. You get it by purchasing gimmicks that promise you fast results. You fall for it, and atrepparttar 150371 end ofrepparttar 150372 day you are more frustrated than every. Why? Because you are denyingrepparttar 150373 root of your problems.

I have counseled thousands of people over my twenty year tender as a personal trainer, health club consultant and best selling author. And in all my travels,repparttar 150374 answers to peopleís problems with weight come down to one thing: itís a matter of choice!

My approach with people is, either you pay a price now or you will facerepparttar 150375 music later on downrepparttar 150376 road. I am really tired of dancing around and trying to delicately ask people to eat better and get some form of exercise. When allrepparttar 150377 while, most I know are inrepparttar 150378 least bit serious about their health, and have no idea what they are in for downrepparttar 150379 road.

Donít waste your money on products that are not long lasting and do not teach you anything. I know you want fast results but you will just waste your money. Let me remind you, until you deal with your approach to weight lossrepparttar 150380 other is pie inrepparttar 150381 sky.

What if you knew that if you didnít exercise, you would facerepparttar 150382 CONSEQUENCES soon?

What if you knew that your kids would do exactly as you do? Most people wait until something happens to them or to someone close to them before they change their lifestyle habits.

Our country is just starting to facerepparttar 150383 music for our actions. Look at what weíve done to ourselves overrepparttar 150384 last thirty years. Itís expected that millions will have weak bones, get diabetes, become obese, and die of heart disease inrepparttar 150385 next five or ten years. Will you be one of these people?

There are no guarantees that healthy living will add one more day to your life, but what if it could? Atrepparttar 150386 very least, what if your day-to-day quality of life could be better? Or worse yet, what if tomorrow a stroke, heart attack, or cancer struck your life? What then? The first thing to do is for you to facerepparttar 150387 music or embracerepparttar 150388 reality of your health. Accepting your circumstances does not mean you are admitting defeat. It means you are starting to build a foundation in order to move forward.

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