New VoIP technology offered at LasVegas.Net

Written by Kimberly Freeman

Las Vegas, NV May 11, 2005 now introduces a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) for your home or office.

VoIP isrepparttar ability to convert voice or fax calls into data packets for transmission overrepparttar 137854 Internet or other IP-based networks. Unlike traditional phone calls, whererepparttar 137855 conversation is converted into electronic signals that traverse an elaborate network of switches, in a dedicated circuit that lastsrepparttar 137856 duration of a call. VoIP works by convertingrepparttar 137857 conversation into packets of data that travel overrepparttar 137858 Internet or private networks, just like e-mails or Web pages, though voice packets get priority status. The packets get reassembled and converted to sound onrepparttar 137859 other end ofrepparttar 137860 call.

Voice over IP makes long distance calls cheaper by removing some ofrepparttar 137861 access charges required for use ofrepparttar 137862 public telephone network. A user's physical location also becomes irrelevant; Las Vegas lets people choose their area code and possess multiple area codes in different cities that all ring torepparttar 137863 same phone. VoIP also enables Las Vegasís advanced features -- like checking voice mail from a Web page or programming call-forwarding through a web tool.

Speak Freely - Voice-Over-IP Taking Root

Written by Trevor Bauknight

Years ago, I tried to convince my parents, who lived about three hours away from me, to install a program called PGPfone on their computer so they could call me online for free (as a bonus, it was encrypted, so nobody could eavesdrop on their lecturing me about school and work!); but this was inrepparttar days of dialup access, and it was too complicated or something.

But it did allow me to look a decade or so intorepparttar 137853 future and seerepparttar 137854 Internet merging with and taking over traditional technologies like phone service. That's finally starting to happen, now that broadband forrepparttar 137855 masses is a reality, and one little company stands poised to make it huge.

In 2003, Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, better known asrepparttar 137856 founders ofrepparttar 137857 wildly-popular peer-to-peer file sharing system called KaZaA, created Skype,repparttar 137858 Global Internet Telephone Company. Based in Luxembourg,repparttar 137859 Skype Group's website ( states that their client program has been downloaded over 100 million times andrepparttar 137860 company's website ticksrepparttar 137861 number of minutes served -- over 8 BILLION and counting.

How Does It Work?

Atrepparttar 137862 most basic level, you downloadrepparttar 137863 free Skype program, which most resembles a chat program like iChat or AIM. You can even use it to type back and forth if that's your thing. You set up an account at repparttar 137864 Skype website where you can maintain profile information, preferences and contact lists. It even stores your chat transcripts in your account online so that you can access that important website link your boss sent you while you were home when you get torepparttar 137865 office repparttar 137866 next day. Yahoo! could take a lesson.

The real beauty of Skype is when you connect with another Skype user and talk with them as if they were sitting next to you. I was blown away byrepparttar 137867 quality and ease of userepparttar 137868 first time I used it here at Cafe ID ( to talk to one of our programmers in Eastern Europe. You set up contact lists and making calls is as simple as initiating a chat in a lesser program.

You can also use your Skype program to call normal phones anywhere in repparttar 137869 world simply by depositing money into an account and dialingrepparttar 137870 numbers. SkypeOut Calls are billed based on their destination. For example, if you're in China, and you want to callrepparttar 137871 U.S., you pay repparttar 137872 low U.S. rate, but if you're in South Carolina and you want to call China, you pay a higher rate. Skype has blessed large portions ofrepparttar 137873 globe --repparttar 137874 continental U.S. and Canada, Western Europe and Australia -- with a low (roughly $.02/minute) Global Rate. Other destinations are more expensive, as is calling mobile telephones. The most expensive rate is $1.17/minute to -- you guessed it! East Timor.

Two new features are inrepparttar 137875 works, as well. SkypeIn is a service that allows you to set yourself up with a Skype phone number whererepparttar 137876 technological laggards can reach you. It doesn't matter where you are, as long as you're logged into Skype, you're at your phone number. This is an invaluable service for business travelers who go places in which their cellphones don't know they're inrepparttar 137877 world. The other new service is Skype Voicemail. It, of course, works like your traditional voicemail system, but stores your messages online where you can retrieve them at any point.

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