New Viral Tactic: 'Cause Marketing'

Written by Joe Bingham

Once again, I've discovered a NEW marketing technique. We'll call it 'Cause Marketing'. It's a very simple concept really, pick out your favorite 'cause' that you can rally people behind, say for instancerepparttar fight againstrepparttar 122559 use of Smart Tags. Then, you set up a web site with text running down repparttar 122560 evils ofrepparttar 122561 Smart Tags you are fighting against. Inrepparttar 122562 sales copy, er, uh, I mean, text on your site, you infuriate people againstrepparttar 122563 evils of big business, such as Microsoft, and against another terrible aspect of society like say Communist or Dictatorship governments that dare to censor their citizens access to parts ofrepparttar 122564 Internet. Now, after really working up people against these things, you declare that you will launch a massive media campaign aimed at stopping these horrific practices. The kicker, of course, is that you need a way to collect names and email addresses from this site. One good way to do this could be to ask visitors to sign a petition. Naturally, you will deliverrepparttar 122565 petition as promised, but what you will also do is ask visitors to sign up on your marketing ezine's list atrepparttar 122566 same time they are signingrepparttar 122567 petition. Of course, you won't do this by requiring them to fill in their name

Put Away That Fishing Pole And Haul Out The Net

Written by John Colanzi

Are you still using a fishing pole to build your downline?

Whenever someone talks about building a downline, we automatically think in terms of Network Marketing. The fact is,repparttar same principles apply to two tier affiliate programs.

The first rule to succeed with two tier programs or mlm is to build wide fast.


If less than 5% of new marketers ever succeed, that means 95% or more of those you sign up will join and not do anything.

If you're sitting onrepparttar 122558 bank using a fishing pole, you're onrepparttar 122559 slow boat to China. You'll end up frustrated and more than likely throw inrepparttar 122560 towel before you've even given yourself a chance.

You must haul outrepparttar 122561 net and start thinking likerepparttar 122562 heavy hitters. Cast your net and gather as many new sign ups as possible.

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