New Type of e-Comerce Search Engine on the Block

Written by John Jones

Marketing your site to sell product isrepparttar wayrepparttar 109068 internet works. What if you could miss out this step and sell your product directly torepparttar 109069 right person just atrepparttar 109070 moment they are ready to buy WITHOUT incurring huge advertising costs? Does all this sound too good to be true? I want to show you how you can do this.

You need to use a search engine that is person centered, NOT site or subject centered. Everyone inrepparttar 109071 world is represented within this search engine. We are all there. You, me, your friends, relatives - everyone. The magic is: you can link your products and services directly torepparttar 109072 people you want to meet without ever knowing who they are. Whenrepparttar 109073 targeted person comes along and searches for what you are offering they get back a fully personalized catalogue, with product descriptions, graphics, prices and titles.

This approach does require you to re-frame your thinking, but no more than it did when you first started using search engines. The simplest way is to think of your web site as having a separate doorway page for each person you want to reach. There is NO hierachy or page linkage, these pages are just like people standing around. You prepare each page withrepparttar 109074 attributes ofrepparttar 109075 person you wish to meet and add an appropriate and welcoming message forrepparttar 109076 buyer, because byrepparttar 109077 timerepparttar 109078 person sees this page they are buying. Simply register this page withrepparttar 109079 search engine and addrepparttar 109080 target attributes. The entry will appear inrepparttar 109081 relevant catalogue of each person who matchesrepparttar 109082 attributes. The tighterrepparttar 109083 targetingrepparttar 109084 betterrepparttar 109085 match withrepparttar 109086 customer.

So if you wish to sell to a 28 yr male in NE USA, from a European parentage, who is taller than average, slightly overweight, earning $30,000 pa, likes blue colors, has an orthodox view of life, is married with young children, works in a management position, and has a college degree you can do it...

To Buy Or Not To Buy: Avoiding False Promises

Written by Katie Bauer

If you're like me, you've fallen intorepparttar trap of buying an internet marketing product online with such high hopes, and when you finish reading it you're thinking, that's it? Something is missing. Where is that magic formula that was promised? How is this different from other products I've seen?

The lesson in this article is that COMMUNICATION is an absolute necessity, and shortly you will see how this links torepparttar 109067 situation above.

Gone may berepparttar 109068 days of heading out torepparttar 109069 store every time you need to buy clothes or groceries; and gone may berepparttar 109070 days of needing to make an appointment before you head torepparttar 109071 bank to engage their services. You can do all of this overrepparttar 109072 internet, right? However,repparttar 109073 importance and impact of personal communication is NOT gone. Whether it's by phone or by email, personal contact with someone you intend to conduct a business transaction with, PRIOR to finalizing a sale, is vital torepparttar 109074 success of both parties.

There are maybe...a zillion websites out there advertising some type of internet marketing strategy or product? It's overwhelming, and yet so exciting! I come across a new site with terrific advice and information every day. It takes control not to clickrepparttar 109075 "order" link before doing a little bit of research intorepparttar 109076 validity ofrepparttar 109077 product andrepparttar 109078 owner. That is a crucial step we all must take, and it involves COMMUNICATION.

So how does one communicate with a website or an advertisement? Simple! First, head torepparttar 109079 website and find out if there is a free newsletter offered. Reading this type of weekly or monthly publication is a great form of communication that will help you to "get to know"repparttar 109080 person behindrepparttar 109081 product or service.

Looking for a faster alternative? There may be a phone number listed. Otherwise, most times you'll find an email address. The authors and owners of reputable internet marketing resources will make themselves accessible - their reputation depends on it. Don't be afraid to send an email and ASK QUESTIONS. The technology of email has made asking questions about a product or service a cinch. Withrepparttar 109082 click of a button you can send your inquiry torepparttar 109083 other side ofrepparttar 109084 continent, or evenrepparttar 109085 globe! The additional bonus of email is that it's FREE.

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