"New Trend Shows Domain Branding More Important Than Ever Before."

Written by Wayne Ford

On Feb. 6th, 2003, websidestory Inc., [websidestory.com], a web analyzation company released a report showing thatrepparttar majority of websites are now visited by direct navigation, instead of using search engines and web links.

Direct Web Navigation is when a visitor locates a site by typingrepparttar 108294 domain directly intorepparttar 108295 browser or from a using a bookmark.

According to websidestory.com, in 2/2001 48.14% of sites were found through direct navigation andrepparttar 108296 other 51.85% through search engines and weblinks.

As of 2/2003 that percentage has risen to 64.43% and only 35.55% were found through search engines and links.

This study however does not diminishrepparttar 108297 importance of search engines and links for initially finding a website.

But it does give evidence that a domain and site that a visitor is able to remember will be returned to directly inrepparttar 108298 future.

Note I said ‘able to remember’ and not ‘worth remembering.’ Sure your site should be of such value that it is worth remembering, but if you don’t have that solid brandable domain that sticks inrepparttar 108299 brain like glue than it won’t matter.

How many times have you wanted to return to a cool site, but couldn’t rememberrepparttar 108300 domain to get their? Of course you could search for it at a search engine, but this takes more time and effort. The more steps you put in front of your prospects,repparttar 108301 less likely your site is to be found.

This is why domain branding is so important. For a very low investment any online business hasrepparttar 108302 power to intensely leverage their marketing.

Think about it. Your Domain name isrepparttar 108303 most important marketing tool you have. Your domain isrepparttar 108304 first thing your audience sees and your first chance to generate a response from a consumer. Do they visit or move on? This decision is hugely impacted byrepparttar 108305 effectiveness of your domain.

The entire basis of marketing is getting someone's attention and your domain must do just that. It becomes extremely powerful to use a brandable domain name to leverage your marketing torepparttar 108306 maximum.

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Written by Borislav Kovachev

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