New Style Network Marketing - Why Professionals are Rushing to Join!

Written by Kim Beardsmore

There is absolutely no doubt. Network marketing or MLM is now attracting a new type of person. The wave of new style network marketing is having an unprecedented appeal to professional business people.

Inrepparttar past, MLM has been dismissed by business leaders as an inferior sales distribution channel. Today, Fortune 500 corporations flock to do business through network marketing channels with industry sales approaching $25 billion inrepparttar 117275 US and $100 billion worldwide.

The industry, once tainted byrepparttar 117276 image ofrepparttar 117277 hard hitting, face to face salesperson, compelling you with exaggerated promises - is growing up.

Some MLM groups have evolved into sophisticated business systems put together withrepparttar 117278 skills of savvy corporate leaders who have become disillusioned withrepparttar 117279 traditional forms of earning a living.

Here are a few aspects ofrepparttar 117280 'new style' approach to network marketing that is attracting successful business professionals to leave their six figure incomes.

Attractive business model. Network marketing no longer has to rely on a face to face approach to your potential customer. Withrepparttar 117281 explosion ofrepparttar 117282 internet,repparttar 117283 business can now be accomplished through effective internet marketing techniques. The internet provides access to potentially millions of people and you do not have to deal with a totally cold prospect. A situation most people actively avoid!

It's now possible to reach a highly targeted audience aroundrepparttar 117284 world! Better still, it's possible to attract highly targeted traffic to your website who initiate contact with you! Many people see this as a comfortable environment in which to do business becauserepparttar 117285 prospect of rejection is significantly reduced.

Enhanced training and communication. New technologies such as voicemail, email, internet, cable TV, videoconferencing and teleconferencing have enabled leaders to provide exceptional training, product knowledge and coaching to a geographically dispersed group. It also has provided a vehicle for business leaders to use their leadership skills to develop and motivate their distributor networks. Communication is now relatively inexpensive and almost instantaneous, speeding up response times to market demands.

This has launchedrepparttar 117286 industry forward dramatically because it is now possible to effectively manage a vast network of thousands of distributors acrossrepparttar 117287 globe from your home. This is a leverage previously only dreamed of.

A trend towards corporate disillusionment. Managers in their forties and fifties who have given their best efforts during their thirties to their careers, are now looking for alternatives. Having spent a lifetime building someone else's business, they are ready to build their own and reap their own rewards. Network marketing opportunities provide an inexpensive entry to establish your own business. When worked consistently between 5-10 yearsrepparttar 117288 return on a modest investment can be exceptional.

To Have Your Own Product or Not To Have Your Own Product? That is the Question!

Written by Denise Hall

To Have Your Own Product or Not To Have Your Own Product?

That isrepparttar Question!

By Denise Hall (c) 2003

If you've been working online very long you've probably

noticed different people will give you different advice for

earning money and building your business.

Some will say you have to have your own product to sell.

Others will claim you absolutely *don't* need your own


So who's right? In this case, I'd say both!

I'm sure you're wondering what I mean because that doesn't

seem to make any sense. How can both be right?

It's simple. Think of it this way. Let's say you create

innovative software to help internet marketers increase

their profits by automating their businesses. You have a

great product and your sales are decent.

But, what aboutrepparttar 117274 potential customers who visit your

website but don't need your product because they don't yet

have a business? They're still exploringrepparttar 117275 marketing

world. Maybe they're trying to find products to sell or

learn how to build an online business. Away they go! After

all, they don't need software to help them with their

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