New Spam Prevention Product that Works!

Written by Lee Traupel

Businesses and consumers are drowning in a never-ending deluge of Spam (junk mail) – according to reports just released by Quris, Inc. Spam has increased 450% from June of 2001 to now. Furthermore, 70% of respondents indicated they are receiving so much e-mail inrepparttar form of Spam that it’s negating their acceptance and responsiveness to legitimate opt-in e-mail messages (permission based). The average business user is forced to spend 20-30 minutes a day wading through Spam clogged e-mail in-boxes trying to separate legitimate e-mail from repparttar 132738 junk in order to deleterepparttar 132739 latter.

Many companies have tried to offer Spam solutions that are based primarily on filtering technology. But, most of these products and services have not worked well in practice –repparttar 132740 ingenious spammers have learned work arounds by constantly changing their fake e-mail addresses and text to avoidrepparttar 132741 blocking filters. It’s been a war of attrition to date andrepparttar 132742 spammers have been wining so far!

I am pleased to report that one company has developed an elegant but simple solution that has blocked 100% ofrepparttar 132743 Spam that was sent to me during a test period of five days. The company is DigiPortal Software, Inc. and their Spam killer application is called ChoiceMail. It works extremely well, is easy to setup and only costs $29.95 (introductory price) and they even offer a fourteen-day trial period for no charge to test driverepparttar 132744 product. And,repparttar 132745 solution runs on your desktop and does not necessitate your working with a third party server and doesn’t require any service charges. Most importantly, it puts repparttar 132746 burden of proof onrepparttar 132747 Spammers, forcing them to have your permission to contact you.

Here is how DigiPortal’s clever solution and software work: You download or purchaserepparttar 132748 software and install it on your PC (sorry PC version only right now) and setup your approval list by exporting your address book. From that point forward ChoiceMail automatically assumes all inbound e-mail is Spam and it blocks any e-mail that is not on an approved list that you have created.

Ifrepparttar 132749 e-mail sender is on your approved list it makes it through to your inbox; if not, then ChoiceMail blocksrepparttar 132750 mail ifrepparttar 132751 address and adds it to a rejection list and sendsrepparttar 132752 sender a notification that your on a “permission network” and that he/she has to clickthrough to a web site and send you a message by filling out a form that automatically forwardsrepparttar 132753 person’s message to you, so you can elect to receive or not.

De-Spam Your Inbox: "How to Fight the Spam War and Win!"

Written by Merle

Spam, Spam everywhere... what's a person to do? If you're an online entrepreneur, odds are your mailbox is filling up daily with Spam. The longer you've been "working"repparttar Net andrepparttar 132737 more visible you've become,repparttar 132738 more you're probably receiving. I've been online about five years now, and one of my mailboxes alone is over 85% Spam.

First, you need to realize that Spam is part of doing business online and there's really no escaping it. But that doesn't mean you can't rid yourself of it by using repparttar 132739 right tools and arming yourself for daily battle.

There are many excellent tools, some even free that will help you fightrepparttar 132740 war on Spam and Win! Let's review some of my personal favorites:

1) SpamNet:

This excellent piece of software is a relative newcomer and free to download. It only works with Outlook and runs invisibly inrepparttar 132741 background of your mail program. The software adds 2 new buttons atrepparttar 132742 top of Outlook's interface named "block" and "unblock" and adds a "Spam folder" where it puts all ofrepparttar 132743 Spam it finds so you can review it if you want before deletion.

If you get a piece of junk when you download your mail, just hitrepparttar 132744 block button. This sends it and whateverrepparttar 132745 sender tries to mail you inrepparttar 132746 future straight torepparttar 132747 Spam folder. It also casts your vote to CloudMark and when they receive enough complaints on a sender that mail is automatically labeled as Spam.

If, after reviewingrepparttar 132748 Spam folder, you find something that doesn't belong there, just highlight it and clickrepparttar 132749 "unblock" button to bringrepparttar 132750 sender back in to your inbox forever more. Right now this software only works with Outlook, but there is talk about a version for Outlook Express coming soon.I've been using this software for a few months and am very pleased with repparttar 132751 results. Runs on Win 98/NT/2000/XP.

2) MailWasher:

Another ad-supported free piece of software that works beautifully. I've been using this with my Outlook Express accounts and couldn't be happier. You run Mailwasher before downloading your mail from your server. It automatically marks mail it suspects as Spam - then you can designaterepparttar 132752 sender as a "friend" or blacklist him with just a click. You then click "process mail" and any "bad" email is bounced back to repparttar 132753 sender andrepparttar 132754 good stuff is sent to your inbox.

You can upgrade Mailwasher to an ad-free version by sending a donation to its creators. Believe me, you'll love it so much you'll want to send them money for all repparttar 132755 headaches this software will save you. It can be configured to check multiple accounts so it's great if you're managing multiple identities and boxes.It does not support web based accounts like Hotmail or Yahoo, but a version is supposedly underway for them. Runs on Win 95/98/ME/NT4/ 2000/XP

3) SpamBuster:

The free version of this software is ad-supported, which means it displays banners atrepparttar 132756 top. If you spendrepparttar 132757 19.95 and register it,repparttar 132758 ads are removed. Before using your POP mail account you run SpamBuster, which looks for junk and comes complete with a list of over 17,000 known spammers. It checks your email periodically for new messages and provides stats and charts of how much Spam you're actually receiving. Also Works with AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo! accounts. Works on Win 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP

4) MailShell:

Blocks 99% of all junk mail and works with your current email address. Free 30 day trial available. Less then 3.00 a month after that

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