New RecoveryPets.Com Tag Services Provide A Sense Of Security

Written by Thaddeus Collins

The greatest benefits of ownership is knowing that your property will be there when you need it, but ownership of a pet requires a different type of security measure. Because, pets are living creatures with minds of their own, they have a tendency to want to explore new things, and this often encompasses wandering off and not knowing how to return to where they started. This dilemma poses a unique problem for their owners inthat their pet is out there alone, and they are depending onrepparttar kindness of strangers to reunite them with their lost pet.

Now, every pet owner wants to have a sense of security that their pet will be returned if lost, and this is evidenced byrepparttar 141741 popularity of various identification techniques, such as pet tags, tattoos, and pet microchips. But, all of these means of pet identification have their limitations, and those limits are based onrepparttar 141742 fact thatrepparttar 141743 owners’ information will not change, and thatrepparttar 141744 finder knows howrepparttar 141745 pet is tagged. Althoughrepparttar 141746 most recognizable form of identifying a pet isrepparttar 141747 pet tag, this method is also subject torepparttar 141748 limitations above, but a company called RecoveryPets.Com has rectified this problem.

The pet tag is not a new invention, nor is it high tech, but it is stillrepparttar 141749 most recognize means of identifying a lost pet. Nowrepparttar 141750 use ofrepparttar 141751 pet tag has been revolutionize by combiningrepparttar 141752 pet tag with a unique identification number andrepparttar 141753 internet, this company has effectively created a means to recover lost pets that will never become obsolete. And, by compiling a database of registered pet owners onrepparttar 141754 RecoveryPets.Com website with their contact information,repparttar 141755 pet tag now provides a true sense of security for pet owners concerned about their pets wandering away.

Feline Obesity

Written by M. Nikole Hunn

Does your cat polish your floor with his stomach as he walks? Is his food bowl bigger than your head? Do you grunt when you try to pick him up? Does he bounce when he lands onrepparttar floor? Do you spend more on his food bill than your own?

People see fat cats as subjects of humor. They make cartoons with cute captions, manipulate photos into amusing cards, and crack jokes about their rotund companions. As harmless as it seems, obesity in our feline companions is not a joke. The health risks are very real. For nearly 40% of American cats, their lives will be shortened by years due to this preventable problem.

All cat owners should know if their cat is obese, what problems are associated with obesity, what causes obesity, and how to fixrepparttar 141740 problem.

So how do I know if my cat is obese?

Obesity is commonly defined as being more than 20% aboverepparttar 141741 ideal weight. How that ideal weight is determined, however, isn't always cut and dried. Unlike humans, who have Body Mass Index and other various charts to guide them, there isn't an established chart of acceptable weights for cats due torepparttar 141742 large variations betweenrepparttar 141743 different breeds. A Maine Coon will be much heavier than a Siamese. For this reason, obesity in cats is determined using body condition scoring. Body condition scoring usually ranges from 1 to 9, with 5 being ideal and 9 being grossly overweight.

So how can you tell if your cat's too fat? Feel his sides. Can you feel his ribs? A little fat covering is ideal. You should be able to feel his ribs if you put slight pressure on his sides, but you shouldn't be able to count them just by running your hand over his body. Look at him while you're standing above him. Can you see his waist? Yes, cats should have a waist. Look at him fromrepparttar 141744 side. Do you see his tummy tucking in a bit? It shouldn't be wobbling around inrepparttar 141745 breeze (in neutered animals, a slight pouch of loose skin is normal).

For long-haired cats, it may be helpful to wet down their fur inrepparttar 141746 bathtub to judge their body condition. All that fur can giverepparttar 141747 illusion thatrepparttar 141748 cat is much heavier than it really is, or provide a great excuse torepparttar 141749 owner for why her cat looks fat. (Seerepparttar 141750 links following this article for an illustrated chart to help you.)

So He's Fat. Is It That Dangerous?

The short answer: YES.

The long answer: a list of known risks. Obese cats have a much higher risk of developing:

*diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes) *hepatic lipidosis / FLS (a form of liver disease) *arthritis or other skeletal problems *lower urinary tract disease ('cystitis') *breathing difficulties *heart failure *renal disease *problems with anesthetic *surgical complications

But He Doesn't Eat THAT much...

Excess weight is all about eating more calories thanrepparttar 141751 body needs. If your cat is neutered, he uses less calories. If he's a barn cat, he uses a lot more calories. The more active he is,repparttar 141752 more calories he needs. Most of us have indoor cats that lay around much ofrepparttar 141753 time. They're not using energy to stay warm; they're not hunting for their food. They don't need to have a big bowl of food laying around to munch on 24 hours a day.

When humans diet, it is often recommended to keep a food diary because we lose track of how much we're really eating. You can lose track of how much your cat is really eating if you free-feed dry and toss treats at him several times a day. Be more conscious of what you're feeding him and remember that an animal that weighs 12 pounds doesn't need to eat all that much. Nor will he think you don't love him anymore if you stop tossing him treats every time you think he's being cute. If you want to show him your love, play with him. Give him some catnip. Spend time interacting with him. Don't equate food with love.

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