New OLAP concept

Written by Intersoft Lab

ContourCube Ė new OLAP concept


In todayís fast-paced, information-driven economy, organizations heavily rely on real-time business information to make accurate decisions. The number of individuals within an enterprise who have a need to perform more sophisticated analysis is growing. With their ever-increasing requirements for data manipulating tools, end users cannot be already satisfied with flat grids and a fixed set of parameters for query execution. OLAP isrepparttar best technology that empowers users with complete ease in manipulating their data. The very moment you replace your common grid with an OLAP interface users will be able independently to perform various ad-hoc queries, arbitrarily filter data, rotate a table, drill down, get desired summaries, and rank. From usersí standpoint,repparttar 107864 information system equipped with an OLAP-tool gains a new quality, helps not only get information but also summarize and analyze it. Fromrepparttar 107865 developerís point of view, OLAP is an elegant way to avoid thankless and tedious programming of multiple on-line and printed reports. A traditional transactional system will make it possible both to register business transactions and provide users with immediate answers to questions, such as, what goods have sold best this month, what seasonal fluctuations in sales are, how consumer preferences differ across various regions. The programmatic ContourCube component enables flat grids to be replaced with powerful OLAP-grids and charts at desired parts of your systems and empowers any information system with Business Intelligence capabilities.

Why OLAP client?

There are two common ways to realize OLAP solutions. The first way is implemented through an OLAP Server with calculations being executed on a separate computer,repparttar 107866 second way leverages an OLAP client to perform calculations on a user machine. The OLAP Server requires additional investments and permanent maintenance and does not userepparttar 107867 power of individual PCs. Nevertheless, it enablesrepparttar 107868 huge volume of data to be managed. The OLAP client is cheap and does not require any maintenance though it is capable of manipulating less volume of data. Meanwhile, hardware capabilities are growing consistently and rapidly and today a common personal computer has tremendous capacity while processor providers do not seem intend to fall behind. Concurrently, itís worth to review accepted concepts and try to guess what may happen tomorrow. May it so turn out that OLAP calculations over general sets of business data become a trivial task? Wonít it happen today? ContourCube can process hundreds of thousand of records on a typical modern PC, but aggregating records, while a SQL query is executed inrepparttar 107869 relational database server, means millions of records. This entirely meets most applicationsí requirements.


MOLAP stands for Multidimensional On-Line Analytical Processing and is used for creation of a multidimensional database out of relational or other flat data. Its structure specifically optimized for accomplishing OLAP operations provides users with maximum speed of data manipulating. The drawback ofrepparttar 107870 approach isrepparttar 107871 need forrepparttar 107872 consistent database refreshing. ROLAP is Relational On-Line Analytical Processing. The term ROLAP specifies that calculations are performed while a query acrossrepparttar 107873 relational database or relational Data Warehouse is executed. Among advantages provided by ROLAP are: real time operations, and no need to reload data torepparttar 107874 extra database. Which of these two technologies is better? As each of them has its upsides and downsides it is obvious that both are essential, but each in its own way. If your users may need to trace processes in a real time mode or data volumes for each specific query may not be large you should implement ROLAP. Whereas data volumes may turn out to be enormous and there is no need to support an online core data source, MOLAP is ideally suited. ContourCube allows switching onrepparttar 107875 fly from one technology to another. You can connectrepparttar 107876 component to a relational database and empower users with ability to save data intorepparttar 107877 Contour microcube, a local multidimensional cube, to work in a offline mode, as well as providing other users withrepparttar 107878 microcube or publishing it.

Build Your Own Computer : What to Look for in a Case

Written by Stephen Bucaro

Build Your Own Computer : What to Look for in a Case

By Stephen Bucaro

Why would you want to build your own computer? Not to save money. With a decent manufactured computer costing less than $400.00, it will cost you more to buyrepparttar parts to build your own. There are five advantages to building rather than buying.

1. Most manufactured computers are build using proprietary components. When (not if) your computer breaks down, you canít use off-the-shelf replacement parts. You have to pay a lot more forrepparttar 107863 manufacturer's proprietary replacement parts.

2. Low cost manufactured computers userepparttar 107864 cheapest components. These components are marginal or below specifications. When you build your own computer, you selectrepparttar 107865 quality of each component.

3. When you have built your own computer, you are more knowledgeable and capable of performing your own troubleshooting. You donít have to pay $75.00 per hour for a service technician.

4. When your computer becomes outdated, you can easily upgrade it yourself. You will be a better judge of when its more logical to build a new computer from scratch, or to updaterepparttar 107866 old one.

5. You will feelrepparttar 107867 pride and confidence of having built your own computer. And, you will have proof that you really are smarter than your friends!

Yes, you can build your own computer. Todayís plug-and-play mother boards with on-board video, sound, and network circuitry make it easy. You can build your own computer in 90 minutes. 30 minutes to buildrepparttar 107868 computer plus an hour of waiting while installingrepparttar 107869 operating system.

When I build a computer,repparttar 107870 first component that I consider isrepparttar 107871 case. Here is what to look for in a case:

* The form factor

Make sure your case style matchesrepparttar 107872 form factor of available motherboards. Most motherboards today arerepparttar 107873 ATX form factor. You should buy an ATX style case. Do not buy an AT style case. The AT style case has been obsolete for years. Some computer component providers are trying to unload their obsolete AT style cases to inexperienced computer hobbyists.

* The power supply

Donít buy a case with only a 200 or 250 watt power supply. A 300 watt power supply should be sufficient, but if you plan to install a lot of expansion cards like 3D graphics accelerators, multiple hard drives, CD burners, etc. then you need to consider a case with a more powerful power supply.

A Pentium 4 motherboard uses an extra four pin connector to provide extra 12 volt power required forrepparttar 107874 CPU. If you plan to build a Pentuim 4 based computer, make surerepparttar 107875 case has a "pentuim 4 ready" power supply.

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