New Habits, Growing Economy Help To Sell Giftware And Collectibles

Written by Opal Gilbert

New Habits, Growing Economy Help to Sell Giftware and Collectibles

By Opal R. Gilbert

Just a few years ago, when one thought of a home-based sales business, Tupperware, Avon and a host of multi-level marketing schemes might have come to mind. Today, however, changing market conditions and evolving consumer habits have converged to make home-based selling businesses a realistic opportunity with real profit potential.

This is especially true inrepparttar world of collectibles and giftware. In years past, collectors—who are amongrepparttar 116830 most discerning shoppers—had few avenues for conveniently finding and then purchasingrepparttar 116831 items they were seeking. They would have to visit specialty shops and expensive boutiques. They often waited forrepparttar 116832 right specialty event or show, and then would drive many miles to attend so they could look for that exceptional piece. With Internet retail sites, online auctions, and a growing body of home-based entrepreneurs, these shoppers now are able to take advantage of many new resources.

For those considering home-based businesses, there are many avenues. There are franchises, partnerships and other business relationships that involve other people. Many of these require an investment in someone else’s business, and unfortunately, many of them turn out to be scams. For those looking to sell collectibles and giftware from home,repparttar 116833 only investment that is made is in that person’s own business. The start-up costs depend on how much inventoryrepparttar 116834 entrepreneur can afford to have at first.

With our economy poised for what some economists are calling a potentially unprecedented recovery, those searching for high-quality collectibles and giftware will have more money to spend on those items they cherish, and they will be looking for convenient and inexpensive ways to collect them. Selection, price and superior customer service will differentiaterepparttar 116835 successful entrepreneurs in this area.

Collectibles and giftware are sold by home-based entrepreneurs using several marketing programs: retail sites onrepparttar 116836 Internet, online auctions such as eBay and others, swaps and flea markets, mail-order, catalogs and in-home parties. Some people sell collectibles and giftware for supplemental income, and some make a business of it. Either way, selling collectibles and giftware is a proven way to immediately improve cash flow. Collectibles and giftware are also often sold or auctioned to raise funds for nonprofit organizations.

Entrepreneurs often get intorepparttar 116837 business of selling collectibles and giftware in stages by setting up a small Internet retail site, or attending flea markets onrepparttar 116838 weekend, or putting a few items up occasionally at an online auction site. Becauserepparttar 116839 profit margin in selling these items can be great, in many cases these people soon “quit their day jobs” to sell collectibles and giftware full time.

Dee Sponsler of Mt. Shasta City, Calif., has been selling collectibles and giftware for more than 20 years to supplement her income. “Inrepparttar 116840 flea markets, people who do this always have a love of it,” she said. “They’re always in search ofrepparttar 116841 Holy Grail, and they’re selling all of their little treasures onrepparttar 116842 way to their search forrepparttar 116843 Holy Grail. That’srepparttar 116844 way I look at it. It’s like being on a treasure hunt all ofrepparttar 116845 time, whether you’re buying or selling, and it’s fun.” She also has another goal in mind soon for her sales. She plans to “gear up for retirement” by selling collectibles and giftware to build a nest egg.

As we stated before, collectibles and giftware shoppers generally know what they’re looking for and they now have many more options for finding what they want. Entrepreneurs who want to succeed need to do four things:

Stand out fromrepparttar 116846 crowd by sellingrepparttar 116847 types of collectibles giftware that people are buying. Offer some exclusive items that cannot be found anywhere else or that cannot be found easily. Be a resource for your customers. Keep prices low. Home-based sellers of collectibles and giftware need to keep on top of what their customers are buying so they can stand out by selling popular items. Tastes and trends in collectibles change over time, so these entrepreneurs need to do their homework, using research tools such asrepparttar 116848 Internet and keeping a close eye onrepparttar 116849 competition. We offer more than 3,000 items on our retail Internet site, and specialize in collectibles that are known for their high-quality, including items from Celebrate America, Shabby Chic Elegance, Ebony and African Heritage, Far Eastern Treasures, American Heritage, African American Legacy collections. We also offer exquisite doll collections, safari patchwork, extensive collections of fragrance and candles, and toys galore.

The Ho-Hum Summer Days

Written by Esther Smith


From mid June to about mid September, life onrepparttar Internet does a slow meltdown. The lucky ones escaperepparttar 116829 screen and get away on holiday; that is, those who have made reasonable profits for their Online endeavors. Forrepparttar 116830 rest of us, it means doublerepparttar 116831 effort forrepparttar 116832 same, or less, results.

But during these weeks there are some good benefits if you are in forrepparttar 116833 long haul; and I hope this includes you. Almost without exception offers for advertising space goes “on sale” just to get your business. The “buy-one-get-one-free” pleas are numerous.

And this is an advantageous time for you to place ads in an Ezine with over 100,000 subscribers. The rest ofrepparttar 116834 year these high-end publications are generally beyond our budget. Generally they have “paid” subscribers. And because they “pay” for their subscriptions, they are more apt to read each issue even on vacation. Now that’s an audience “on point”, so to speak.

Another advantage to these weeks isrepparttar 116835 purchase of some opt-in subscribers to your list. Overrepparttar 116836 summer months you can work more closely with your “new signups”, and prepare them to make money not just for themselves but for you as well.

Of course it should go without saying that all those eBooks you downloaded and meant to get back to and read --- now isrepparttar 116837 time. Print them and read every word. This can be your “schooling” months, and that doesn’t cost one penny more to pick up something that you didn’t know before. Perhaps you’ll learn a shortcut or two that makes your Internet Marketing easier.

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