New English Teacher Training Center Offering Free English Courses To NBA Star and His Extended Family For Life.

Written by Ryan Thompson

— A new immersion style-certification service for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) has opened this summer in Buenos Aires, Argentina that brings clients an opportunity to gain TEFL certification and a job abroad as they immerse themselves intorepparttar safest city in Latin America. Called TEFLocal,repparttar 145054 profit-sharing program is offering free classes to local Argentine native, and NBA Finals champ, Manu Genobili and his family for life. —

“TEFLocal was designed for those who have a love of teaching and travel, or just want a vacation and are not looking to make a commitment to a four-year degree in language,” said Ryan Thompson, program director. “The TEFLocal program can supplement any degree withoutrepparttar 145055 additional time commitment.” In addition to ITTAO accredited TEFL certification, TEFLocal isrepparttar 145056 first program inrepparttar 145057 America’s offering Cambridge University’s Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT), a Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) certificate. Thompson said program trainers immerse students inrepparttar 145058 culture of Buenos Aires as well as instruct them how to teach English successfully in South America or other parts ofrepparttar 145059 world. After comparing other TEFL programs, Thompson, a linguist and native ofrepparttar 145060 United States, designed a more comprehensive and less expensive program with other local EFL/ESL professors to fillrepparttar 145061 needs of those wishing to learn about Argentina as well as obtain their certificate.

“Allrepparttar 145062 trainers at TEFLocal have lived in Buenos Aires for years and consider Argentina their home, part of our program is to take instruction we give students to succeed globally and apply those skill locally, we show them our city and culture after class ends forrepparttar 145063 day, it’s TEFL with a twist.”

-Martin Garcia, Argentine English Professor and TEFL Trainer.

“TEFL offersrepparttar 145064 skills teachers will need anywhere, not just Argentina. I like Buenos Aires, because there is so much to do, living is so cheap; it’s what Prague was 10 years ago. I have had fun making a difference inrepparttar 145065 local community and learningrepparttar 145066 skills that will set me apart from my peers back in The States, I can’t wait to return to Argentina next summer, that is if I ever leave.”

Repetition is the Key to Learning Something Deeply

Written by Ron Worthy

Repetition Is The Key To Learning Something Deeply

Repetition isrepparttar key to learning something deeply. It works most effectively when you are isolating a small amount of material, becauserepparttar 145019 object of your focus will be more specific.

When you haverepparttar 145020 correct chord movement for part of an exercise or tune under you hands, repeat it continuously until is flows. You should notice a gradual increase in your comfort level as you continue repetitions, eventually remove your eyes from bothrepparttar 145021 music andrepparttar 145022 keys, and keep repeating untilrepparttar 145023 movements seem easy. This activity is especially important for problem spots in harmonic exercise or tunes.

Try to have your hands in position, actually touchingrepparttar 145024 notes before you strike a chord. This will reinforce your "hand memory" ofrepparttar 145025 chord's shape. When you are ready to playrepparttar 145026 chord, lift your hands an inch or two and droprepparttar 145027 full weight of your hands onrepparttar 145028 keys, going torepparttar 145029 bottom ofrepparttar 145030 key bed.

At first, you probably will miss some notes, and that is OK; simply makerepparttar 145031 necessary corrections and continue with more repetitions, keeping that feeling of dropping. This will achieve a fuller sound, and your hands will learnrepparttar 145032 shape ofrepparttar 145033 chords much more quickly and securely.

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