New England Coffee

Written by Randy Wilson

In 1607 The London Company sent 105 adventurous employees torepparttar New World andrepparttar 145023 founding American colony of Jamestown was created. In New England coffee would not appear until around 1660.

The coffee craze ofrepparttar 145024 1700ís was well underway in England, however, unlike in London whererepparttar 145025 coffeehouse had a distinct and respected persona all its own,repparttar 145026 American coffeehouse shared space with pubs and taverns. New England coffee was a beverage that was consumed along side ale and rum and therefore was not well received byrepparttar 145027 refined upper class. Coffee was seen as a debaucherous and wicked beverage that only drunks used to sober themselves up. Tea wasrepparttar 145028 beverage of choice amongrepparttar 145029 affluent.

New England coffee remainedrepparttar 145030 harsh and bitter astringent of drunks for 75 more years or so until 1773 when, in protest torepparttar 145031 very high taxesrepparttar 145032 British government placed on tea and "taxation without representation", American colonists stagedrepparttar 145033 rebellious Boston Tea Party and threw case after case of English tea into Boston Harbor.

In 1774repparttar 145034 Continental Congressed passed a resolution againstrepparttar 145035 consumption of tea and renounced British rule as revolution loomed. The sentiment ofrepparttar 145036 country can be summarized in a line that John Adams wrote in a letter to his wife shortly thereafter, "Tea must be universally rejected and I as well must be weaned,repparttar 145037 soonerrepparttar 145038 better."

Let's Have a Barbeque Party

Written by Valerie Giles

"A wonderful way to entertain family and friends in an outdoor setting is with a backyard barbeque party. With proper planning andrepparttar right environment people will be talking about your party all summer. Important factors to think about when entertaining are things likerepparttar 144842 barbeque grill, seating, lighting, and of courserepparttar 144843 menu planning."

Todayís barbecue choices have never been greater. The designs and options are wonderful, there really is a barbecue that fits your individual barbecuing needs. Barbecues come in both natural gas and propane grills. Barbecues are available in portable fire pit models excellent for a patio or backyard, givingrepparttar 144844 feeling of being around an actual fire pit. Other barbecue designs include charcoal-wood grills, portable grills and outdoor stoves. Weber makes some ofrepparttar 144845 most durable and reliable quality grills, using stainless steel burners to provide long- wearing even heat and burners with spider and insect screens to keeprepparttar 144846 burners pest free. The stainless steel hoods and bodies are long lasting and great looking. Several ofrepparttar 144847 designs also include built in thermometers.

Another great addition to your backyard cooking options might be a bbq smoker. These bbq smokers are perfect for seafood delicacies and traditional barbecue meals like beef brisket, ribs or pork. They are also excellent for chicken, seafood or anything needing direct high temperatures. Briquettes are available that burn for up to eight hours giving a wonderful smoked flavor.

A beautiful patio leaves you withrepparttar 144848 feeling that your at a cottage or a wonderful outdoor retreat,repparttar 144849 nice thing is itís a much more affordable alternative to owning a cottage. Withrepparttar 144850 great selection of patio furniture and accessories onrepparttar 144851 market you can design your patio to be your own personal vacation in your backyard. The patio is not only a convenient getaway, but also a natural extension of your homeís design and dťcor. Black is a popular color for furniture as is antiqued greens with a distressed look. Wooden furniture is again popular, teak being a favorite as it ages so beautifully. Patio furniture is available with armrests, high back chairs and swivel rockers with matching ottomans, all for ultimate comfort. Most ofrepparttar 144852 outdoor furniture sold today is made with all weather fabrics; itís also wise to select furniture that will be durable and low maintenance.

When throwing and planning a barbecue patio party youíll want to be prepared and know approximately how many people will be coming. You want to be sure there is enough available seating so everyone is comfortable. Youíll also want to be prepared for unexpected weather. Awnings are an excellent option, allowing you to take control ofrepparttar 144853 weather on your deck or patio in a moment; there are also outdoor tents that you can set up with a table inside to shelter yourself fromrepparttar 144854 rain. Itís important to have at least one outdoor umbrella to provide protection and shade for your guests fromrepparttar 144855 hot sun, not to mention they also look nice. There is no shortage of excellent patio furniture and comfortable outdoor sitting options. Patio heaters are also welcome for cooler evenings afterrepparttar 144856 sun goes down.

Itís important to have a proper serving or buffet surface for your party, a place where you can have allrepparttar 144857 food, beverages, plates and utensils. Portable carts or side tables can also work well. You may even have a built-in countertop.

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