New Consumer Service Recruiting Agents Across US

Written by Rene Kiehl

StateSide Pages,repparttar combination listings and online gaming service, is to begin recruiting agents to roll outrepparttar 127207 listings acrossrepparttar 127208 country. Individuals and companies are currently being sought to takerepparttar 127209 service torepparttar 127210 businesses in their region.

StateSide Pages offers visitorsrepparttar 127211 traditional mix of online games – card, puzzle, slot, word etc, but will combine these withrepparttar 127212 comprehensive listings database, both viarepparttar 127213 prize fund and throughrepparttar 127214 use of geographic visibility and inclusion withinrepparttar 127215 game operations (such as clue hunts and themed activities). By combiningrepparttar 127216 two,repparttar 127217 multi-million gaming community will have a strong incentive to utilise StateSide Pages’ listings.

Storytelling - The Great Motivator of People

Written by Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE

In a data-driven world, facts and figures arerepparttar order ofrepparttar 127206 day in sales calls, employee meetings, board rooms, and political assemblies. Traditionally, when a person is trying to convince someone else to do something they userepparttar 127207 logic of benefits and features - longrepparttar 127208 sacred domain of anyone in sales.

And they are missingrepparttar 127209 boat.

What truly moves us as human beings, what prompts us into action, is emotion. Imagination isrepparttar 127210 conduit of emotion and well-crafted storytelling carriesrepparttar 127211 imagination.

Consider this story:

You place your hand on top of your head, only to feelrepparttar 127212 sun radiate from your scalp. Sweat trickles down your back andrepparttar 127213 once ironed shirt clings to your sides. The pavement roasts your feet even through your thick-soled shoes. You've been walking for a 45 minutes, trying to findrepparttar 127214 office where you are scheduled to make a sales call. Suddenly, a swoosh of cold air swirls at your side as a young couple comes charging out of an ice cream parlor, licking swirls of raspberry and vanilla perched in a sugar cone…

I'll bet you're ready for some ice cream!

What engaged you wasrepparttar 127215 reliving of a common experience. I didn't need to itemizerepparttar 127216 benefits of cooling off or listrepparttar 127217 features of ice cream and this particular store. You were drawn in by your imagination. Facts tell. Emotion sells. You imagined how you would win overrepparttar 127218 odds of heat by taking a break for ice cream.

We follow leaders who capture us by stories that draw us in and give us purpose for being part ofrepparttar 127219 company. We buy products when we see or read ofrepparttar 127220 human experience with that product. (Rememberrepparttar 127221 Maytag Man?) And we acceptrepparttar 127222 call to action if we hear a compelling story about triumph over odds. Think aboutrepparttar 127223 solicitation letters you get from non-profits. They are often stories of individuals who suffered greatly untilrepparttar 127224 non-profit's "product" allowed them to regain a semblance of their life.

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