New 2005 Lexus RX 330 Unveiled for 2005:

Written by Jenny McLane

New 2005 Lexus RX 330 Unveiled for 2005:

This Hot Selling Vehicle from Lexus is given a Special Edition to entice more buyers.

Early January this year Lexus sprung a pleasant surprise on its followers by announcing and unveiling a Special Edition ofrepparttar 2005 Lexus RX 330. They did this last January 9, 2005 atrepparttar 102734 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Lexus is calling this special edition ofrepparttar 102735 Lexus RX 330repparttar 102736 ďThundercloudĒ Edition.

Here only in its second season, it reinstates its foothold asrepparttar 102737 best selling luxury SUV from last year. The Lexus RX 330 was redesigned and introduced as an all-new model for 2004. Sleeker, more stylish and more powerful thanrepparttar 102738 best-selling model it replaced,repparttar 102739 RX 330 glides into its second season with added luxury.

Lexus just wonít rest on its laurels, even withrepparttar 102740 league leading sales ofrepparttar 102741 Lexus RX 330,repparttar 102742 2005 special edition is expected to add new depth and dimension torepparttar 102743 lineup and withrepparttar 102744 supplements of several enhancements designed to give future clients a very desirable new choice.

When it was launched last year,repparttar 102745 Lexus RX set a higher bar of standard forrepparttar 102746 modern luxury utility vehicle. The innovative RX 300 pioneeredrepparttar 102747 crossover style of SUV based on a uni-body car platform rather than a heavy-duty truck frame. Crossovers provide improved ride and handling. They offer more cargo room than a car. They also giverepparttar 102748 driver a better view overrepparttar 102749 traffic and a sense of security from an elevated driving position. Overall, itís a car that mutated to a truck.

The original did all of those things, but this new, second-generation RX does them much better. Swift and silent, it rides more quietly than most cars, not to mention other SUVs. It glides over bumpy roads and its airy cabin is luxurious and captivating. While crossover vehicles offer neitherrepparttar 102750 big towing capacity norrepparttar 102751 off-road capability of a true truck,repparttar 102752 RX 330 handles gravel roads just fine and can tow up to 3500 pounds withrepparttar 102753 optional trailer package.

Every one ofrepparttar 102754 2005 Thundercloud Edition RX 330s are obtainable withrepparttar 102755 performance, luxury and convenience features found inrepparttar 102756 standard RX 330, includingrepparttar 102757 Adaptive Front lighting System (AFS), Mark Levinson audio, rear seat DVD entertainment system and more.

Two new colors are also available forrepparttar 102758 2005 RX 330 but only forrepparttar 102759 special edition. The Thundercloud Metallic is a rich gray metallic color and is matched with light gray interior with leather-trimmed seats and black birdís eye maple wood trim. Flint mica is another alternative color available thatís exclusive forrepparttar 102760 special edition. The grille lends an elegant look with chrome horizontal bars that convey its connection to other Lexus models. "Thundercloud" badges onrepparttar 102761 front doors and floor mats identify this special edition. New five-spoke aluminum alloy wheels with contrasting rings completerepparttar 102762 package with fresh details.

The Latest Mercedes Car Technology

Written by Jenny McLane

The Latest Mercedes Car Technology

Automobiles have become normal fixtures in our lives, and they will continue to be our daily companions inrepparttar decades to come. Since its earlier days, innovations on automobile technology have been continuous. Engineers and manufacturers have sought to giverepparttar 102733 public improved performance, more comfortable features and safer cars. And this goal continues up to now andrepparttar 102734 process has even become more meticulous as car buyers have started to become more specific about what they want from their cars.

In this high-tech, computer-driven world car makers are striving to producerepparttar 102735 best technologies to make their cars safer and more enjoyable to drive. Mercedes leadsrepparttar 102736 pack in engineering technology as it has managed to feature in its vehicles some ofrepparttar 102737 most precise, up-to-date and excellent quality car parts, accessories, safety features and entertainment systems. But not to be outdone, Mercedes still continues on its quest to give its patrons nothing butrepparttar 102738 best. Below is a list ofrepparttar 102739 up and coming state ofrepparttar 102740 art features engineered by Mercedes.

Latest Mercedes technology that will be used in its future cars:

1) Safety systems with radar and cameras that watch out for danger as you drive. These safety equipment will be able to warn you of imminent danger by using advance mathematics to calculaterepparttar 102741 possibilities andrepparttar 102742 chances of danger occurring. This will berepparttar 102743 futureís way of fortune telling!

2) Keyless entry is already being used on other vehicles likerepparttar 102744 Cadillac, Infinity and BMW models, Mercedes onrepparttar 102745 other hand is on its way to using a credit card style system which will replace car keys inrepparttar 102746 near tomorrow. That will make for lighter pockets!

3) Highly improved navigation console systems that includes computer-like screens onrepparttar 102747 dash, global positioning satellite and on board DVDís which can easily flash directions, maps, vital information on businesses like hotels, hospitals etc will be installed in every Mercedes. Getting lost will be a lot harder with these in your car!

4) Wi-Fi hook-ups in almost every vehicle will provide weather, news, and other information. Long trips wonít berepparttar 102748 same with these kinds of entertainment on board!

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