Never Limit Your Future

Written by J. E. Burke

Never Limit Your Future

Never limit you future byrepparttar shape of your past. This time-worn truism is still around for a good reason. We still need to be reminded of that, especially as we move forward with our goals, whatever they may be.

Never limit your future byrepparttar 145117 shape of past. As I thought about that statement I realized that history bears witness to many who have overcome horrible pasts and moved on to be very successful in their lives. Many of our current heroes and heroines have overcome poverty, child abuse, serious illness and disabilities to become successful in their chosen fields of endeavor.

I am reminded of successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Dolly Parton,repparttar 145118 late Ray Charles, Loretta Lynne, President William J. Clinton and many others. All of them overcame great obstacles to achieverepparttar 145119 success that was in them.

Overcoming one's past to achieve success is not limited to those who achieve great fame or fortune, but to everyday people like you and me. Each of us likely has something in our past that could have prevented us from getting to where we are now.

If you are reading this article you already have a history of achievement. If you don't believe me, think aboutrepparttar 145120 many thousands of Americans that are functionally illiterate (not able to read and understandrepparttar 145121 average newspaper article).

The reality of how to make money in an online business

Written by Joel Teo

The reality of how to make money in an online business

By Joel Teo 2005 All Rights Reserved

“Making money online quick and easy” seems to berepparttar buzz word today inrepparttar 145102 home business and money making arena online these days. It would seem at first glance that making money online seems to be a very simple thing. However, as most internet marketers would tell you, this is not true as making money online is a serious business and hard work has to go into it.

This article aims to help anyone trying to make money online with a website by suggesting ways to increase your online money making profits today.

1. Increase your website traffic

Increasing your website traffic today can and will increase your online profits becauserepparttar 145103 more people that you get to visit your website,repparttar 145104 more chances of a sale being made. The more qualifiedrepparttar 145105 website trafficrepparttar 145106 better meaning that it would be best for someone to get “Biscuits” if they were searching for it online. Some ways to increase your website traffic are found below.

Firstly, traffic exchanges today are used by many people to increase website traffic to their websites. While this is not wrong, you must knowrepparttar 145107 type of website traffic you are getting and how to use it. The website traffic that you are getting from such programs are website owners and if you promote a tool that they can use to increase their own website traffic or promote a website traffic generation newsletter to them, you can increase your own website traffic substantially when you send a newsletter telling them aboutrepparttar 145108 latest traffic generation tool you got. Therefore to make money from traffic exchanges you need to use it with a landing page leading to a newsletter signup otherwise you are wasting your surfing time.

Onrepparttar 145109 other hand, most people who use such exchanges remark that a plain signup page for a business opportunity does not really work. A better idea some have argued is to promote a newsletter signup page which will then send automated emails torepparttar 145110 signup via an autorespondor. Internet marketing studies have shown that it takes 7 views of an offer online before anyone would consider making a purchase thus validating this strategy.

Secondly, search engine optimisation (SEO) isrepparttar 145111 key term that most people online seem to be fascinated about when trying to make money online. The reason for this is simple. Most people today go to search engines to find out about anything online. If you can get more high search rankings for your own website, this can translate into more qualified visitors to your website fromrepparttar 145112 search engines and greater sales and you can then make more money with anything that you are promoting. Casting asiderepparttar 145113 more technical programming jargon,repparttar 145114 twin most important things to making money online in terms of SEO is inbound links and good content on your website. There are several ways to get good inbound links. You can buy them online, or you can do reciprocal linking or you can write articles and publish them. In all these ways, you can increaserepparttar 145115 number of inbound links to your website and increase its website traffic as well both fromrepparttar 145116 website that you link is on but fromrepparttar 145117 search engines eventually.

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