Never, Ever Release Any Of Your Rights To Anyone

Written by Bob McElwain

One ofrepparttar grandest scams onrepparttar 129315 Web, which goes largely unnoticed, is for a web-based bookseller or publisher to require some rights to your work in exchange forrepparttar 129316 service to be provided. Many demandrepparttar 129317 electronic rights, for example.

Don't do it!

Never, ever release any of your rights. Here's why.

The Writer's Goal

Winningrepparttar 129318 writing game means becoming an established author, one who sells a new book every year or two. One who earns enough to live comfortably from his or her writing alone.

The first step toward achieving this goal is to be published by a major house inrepparttar 129319 real world. That is, offline. Most will not even consider your book if you've muddiedrepparttar 129320 water by releasing or selling any rights to it.

Sure, there are exceptions. Some have self-published, then later made a deal with a major house. Andrepparttar 129321 stories make grand reading. But there are not a lot of them.

The Better Plan

If you are serious about writing, grab a copy of "Writer's Market," then read and followrepparttar 129322 rules. While many publishers buy an occasional manuscript directly from an author, your best bet is to find an agent and leaverepparttar 129323 manner of presentation to publishers in capable hands. (An agent is worth his or her weight in gold in helping you decipher a contract!)

It will probably take some time to find an agent. Begin another tale while doing so. And once you find one, while waiting further and hoping for great news, continue writing. Ifrepparttar 129324 agent you found can't make it happen, look for another. But keep writing.

Again, there are success stories of those who bypassed agents and went directly to a publisher. But unless you're one heck of a salesperson and really in tune with what each publisher is looking for, leave it all to an agent, and do what you do best. Namely, write.

How Rights Released Can Bite

Bingo. You've made a sale. A good house, too. You and your agent are jumping with joy. Hey, you're on your way!

But wait one. A few years back, electronic rights were negotiable, and often retained byrepparttar 129325 author. So you released these rights, or part of them, to gain some exposure onrepparttar 129326 Web. But now your publisher-to-be wants them. What for?

Books by major authors are selling in electronic formats. The entire publishing industry is closely tuned in to this rapidly changing part ofrepparttar 129327 book arena.

Okay, back torepparttar 129328 what your publisher-to-be wants. Will they go throughrepparttar 129329 legal hassles and payrepparttar 129330 costs to recover those rights you handed out? Or will they just grab another title fromrepparttar 129331 in-stack? If you were in their position, what would you do?

Stop Your Readers In Their Tracks!

Written by Livvie Matthews

Stop Your Readers In Their Tracks! Copyright 2003 Livvie Matthews

Studies have shown that while 75% ofrepparttar people read headlines, only 25 % keep reading "the rest ofrepparttar 129313 story". Breaking it down even further, you have about 4 seconds to convince that reader to read on!

When writing,repparttar 129314 two most important elements are your headline and your opening statement. These two elements must stop your readers in their tracks!

Headlines must grab your readers attention. Just as you only get one chance to make a good first impression, you only get once chance to grab your reader's attention!

For example, when you read an ad, you don't read it just to be reading, you read it because you are interested in it. Something about it grabbed your attention.

Since your information will be read only by interested people,repparttar 129315 purpose of your headline is to pick out those who are, or can be, specifically interested in what you are talking about.

You want to grab their attention and if you can create curiosity, that's even better. Curiosity your reader can only satisfy by reading your information! People are so hurried and they are not going to give you their time unless you make it worth their while.

Make your headlines draw your readers interests. Emotions motivate and sell. Use words that invoke emotions and that clearly describerepparttar 129316 benefit torepparttar 129317 reader in terms of action! Reinforce major benefits and points. Your headlines should either conceal an interest or reveal an interest.

Spend time learning to use power words. These words are known to trigger emotions and bring about desired results. Power, appearance and greed, are all powerful motivators. Also consider basic human motivators such as physical, safety, social and esteem.

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