Networking Tips for Moms At Home

Written by Demetria Zinga

Plenty of moms today stay at home. After a year of battlingrepparttar decision to quit my job, I finally “put my foot down”, as they say, and returned home to raise my daughter. It wasn’trepparttar 148038 easiest decision, but, let me tell you, it sure wasn’trepparttar 148039 toughest! I enjoy every minute of being home to raise my child. Furthermore, being home has done wonders for my family as a unit, and drawn us closer together. When I was working my full time job I barely had time to prepare a decent meal. But today? I’m a health nut, and so isrepparttar 148040 whole family (ha)!

But now, there’s another dilemma.

Being a stay at home mom has not affected my personality, of course, so I still have a lot of creative energy pent up inside! I thought to myself one day, “what better way to use this energy than to work towards a goal—perhaps start a business?” Not only would it bring in a nice supplementary income for my family, but having a business (or craft or hobby) would enhance my creative skills and strengthen my business expertise. I call itrepparttar 148041 project of my lifetime.

The first thing I did was a little soul searching to seek God’s direction forrepparttar 148042 type of business or project He would have me to embark on. I realized right away that although my personality was suited for several types of business ventures (selling crafts, designing websites, or providing secretarial services), I would soon either have to narrow it down to one choice, or start a business that combined all or most of my skills and interests. For me, choosingrepparttar 148043 right business wasrepparttar 148044 hardest part. Once I settled on freelance web design and writing, it soon became my ultimate goal to find out as much as possible about these particular industries. In my thought, education and information is what separatesrepparttar 148045 amateurs fromrepparttar 148046 professionals. My goal was to be a professional in my field. This is where networking is highly important.

If you’re like me,repparttar 148047 internet is probably one ofrepparttar 148048 very best tools you can use for research. Not only is it a few feet away from me as I embark on my daily chores, but I keep my computer on at all times. Thankfully, we are using a broadband connection and can stay online 24/7 without having to worry about tying uprepparttar 148049 phone line. This, I should stress, is very important for moms who have businesses that require them to be online quite often, but who will need access torepparttar 148050 phone as well. Once online, I begin my networking research by going to a search engine. My favorite one is Google ( just because of its enormous searching capabilities. As a former library assistant, I can attest that Google is highly recommended inrepparttar 148051 academic and librarianship fields. I search for information in my fields using as many search terms and combination of terms as possible. With each result that I feel is important to me, I visit its webpage and bookmark it for future reference. Once I’ve bookmarked a bunch of pages, I go through each of these websites and study them, taking notes on what I feel is important to me in my field.

Breastfeeding the First Few Hours

Written by Demetria Zinga

Your infant has just enteredrepparttar world a few hours ago. He’s opening his eyes, rooting about, pushing his fists to his mouth, and seekingrepparttar 147915 comfort ofrepparttar 147916 breast. It’s only natural that your baby would haverepparttar 147917 immediate instinct of wanting to nurse. Inrepparttar 147918 beginning, it may be difficult for Baby to learn to latch on, but his instincts are there. The first few hours after birth are a window of opportunity for Mom to bring Baby close to her skin and give her baby a chance to try nursing. It is withinrepparttar 147919 first two hours after birth that an infant is most eager to suck.

Why is nursingrepparttar 147920 first few hours so important? Well, one important reason nursingrepparttar 147921 first few hours is so important, is Mom’s production of colostrum, which isrepparttar 147922 first foods your baby will receive from you (as opposed to mature breastmilk). Colostrum is a clear, yellowish substance that is often termed “liquid gold”, which has many antibiotic and beneficial features for your baby. This colostrum seals your baby’s intestines to protect him from harmful bacteria. The high protein colostrum diet stimulates your baby’s first bowel movement (the meconium) as well and decreasesrepparttar 147923 incidence of jaundice.

Besides receiving a beneficial high protein, low fat meal straight from Mom, Baby will also learn to latch ontorepparttar 147924 breast correctly within a few days of giving birth, especially if Mom is persistent and available to feed regularly.

About supplements No doubt if you give birth in a hospital, your baby may very well be offered sugar water or a pacifier. The hospital staff mean well, but if you plan to nurse your baby regularly, getting your baby off to a good startrepparttar 147925 first few days are crucial. You can ask your nurses not to offer a pacifier to your baby, and explain that you will be happy to nurse whenever your baby gets fussy. Pacifiers have been associated with problems such as ear infections and early weaning. In addition, using pacifiers interferes with Mom’s milk supply. Forrepparttar 147926 first few weeks, especially, it is important to keep Baby in practice with learning to nurse. Sugar water, onrepparttar 147927 other hand, may be given for necessary and medical reasons, such as for a baby who has low sugar levels, or one who has undergone much stress during labor and delivery. But if there are no medical reasons for offering sugar water, askrepparttar 147928 nurses to bring your baby to you for feedings regularly.

Correct Positioning Here are a few steps that may be helpful when beginning a breastfeeding session:

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