Networking 1

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

As a new business owner you must wear many hats.

You will need knowledge of accounting, marketing, advertising, management, administration, inventory, sales, etc., in addition to knowledge pertaining to your industry. Since you may be very proficient in some of these areas, but not in others, reading and learning about these other areas is imperative. Of course,repparttar question is, when do I findrepparttar 117687 time. This is where networking comes in. Your network of contacts is your support group forrepparttar 117688 areas in which you need help. Determine what areas you need help in and locate a networking group, support group or make a list ofrepparttar 117689 contacts you need and make them yourself. There are also Home Business Clubs in many areas. The SBA is another source, but be careful, we've heard too many complaints aboutrepparttar 117690 mentors inrepparttar 117691 SBA program. However, you might find them adequate for your needs. Look atrepparttar 117692 local groups and ask before you join ifrepparttar 117693 areas you need help in are represented. You can then call these individuals before a sales presentation, runrepparttar 117694 client presentation by them, and see what they think. They should be able to help you overrepparttar 117695 rough spots. Be sure to reciprocate when one of these individuals calls you about your area of expertise. Networking is not a one-way street.

Reminders For Running A Better Business

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

The following tips are from an article we contributed to Compute magazine. These are ideas that we all should know, but many times forget. It constantly amazes us how quickly a basic tenent of business can be shoved byrepparttar wayside inrepparttar 117686 heat of daily transactions.

If we all try to keep these simple principles in mind, they may keep us onrepparttar 117687 straight and narrow in our pursuit of home office bliss.

1. Buy an answering machine. This will allow you to give your attention to a client and notrepparttar 117688 telephone. Be sure your message is done in a professional manner and includes business name, telephone number and hours of operation.

2. Be sure to have a separate telephone line for business. This will avoid your family usingrepparttar 117689 same line and busy signals to prospects and clients. Keep your personal calls separate and insure your business line is always answered in a professional manner.

3. Read, read and read some more. You will constantly be learning about your business. Reading will allow for additional knowledge, change and growth.

4. Buy a fax machine. This will allow you to give your clients prompt responses and in many cases save on postage and telephone costs. It will also avoid having to leave your office to go and fax something at $1.25 or more per page.

5. Have an identity package professionally done. Your logo, letterhead, business card, envelope and brochure will berepparttar 117690 first impression a prospect or client has of you. To insurerepparttar 117691 impression is a good one, have your business package done by a professional designer. The cost is worth it.

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