Network Your Way To The Top

Written by Leni Chauvin

How would you like to have a fan club filled with people who know, like, trust and respect you? People who have a very clear understanding of what you do and exactlyrepparttar kind of client you are looking for. People who will actually go out and find clients for you, and, best of all, theyıll never charge you a cent!. Sound like a fantasy? Itıs not. Itıs all possible...if you know how to network.

So what exactly is networking? If you look atrepparttar 102077 word ³network,² youıll notice that it is both a noun and a verb. As a noun it is simplyrepparttar 102078 people you know, your sphere of influence. As a verb, it is making use of that sphere of influence in an intelligent manner by sharing information and giving support. Networking today is about forming and cultivating relationships. The objective of networking should be to help other people succeed. The more you help others,repparttar 102079 more they will want to help you. It is a simple law of nature: what goes around comes around.

Like anything else in life, though, networking is work--netWORK. You need to have very clearly defined goals and objectives in order to succeed. You need to have systems in place to make sure those goals and objectives are met, and you must have a plan of action.

Here are just few tips to help you build your business through networking:

--Know who you know! You cannot even begin to network, unless you know who is in your network! Make lists of everybody you know through family, friends, your children, hobbies, sports. For everyone on your list write everything you know about them, e.g, their hobbies, where they grew up,repparttar 102080 type of dog they have, who their friends are, etc. Update this list weekly.

How To Get What You Want By Breaking The Rules

Written by Michael D. Pollock

"Breakrepparttar rules Michael? I couldn't do that!" Of course you could. In fact, I'd suggest your rules are precisely what keep you from having what you want in life.

When I say "rules," I mean:

* your ingrained ways of thinking. * your hidden assumptions. * your habits. * your misplaced generalities.

Rules might also include that which you call "common sense." One ofrepparttar 102076 greatest rule breakers ever, Albert Einstein, wrote "common sense isrepparttar 102077 collection of prejudices acquired by age 18."

Are you feeling "stuck?" Are you in a rut? Can't find a solution to an ongoing problem or challenge? If so, like many of my clients, it's probably one of your rules keeping you that way.

Here's a simple example. A client - who I'll call Janice - really wanted to begin an exercise program, but she had written it off as impossible due to her busy schedule.

In our conversations, Janice would say things like "that's justrepparttar 102078 way it is," or "it's out of my control." As I questioned Janice further, it became clear one of her rules was "I have to go to a gym to workout."

Now that may sound silly to some people, but for Janice, all she knew was "I have to go to a gym to work out, and I don't have time to go to a gym." Like a horse with blinders on, it's all she could see.

"Janice, who says you have to go to a gym to exercise?"

Light-bulb-aha moment for sure. As soon as Janice let go of that little rule, she was able to considerrepparttar 102079 many other options available to her.

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