Network Security 101

Written by Robert Flanglin

As more people are logging ontorepparttar Internet everyday, Network Security becomes a larger issue. Inrepparttar 145572 United States, identity theft and computer fraud are amongrepparttar 145573 fastest rising crimes. It is important to protect your network and ensurerepparttar 145574 safety of all computers and users in that network.

What is a Network?

In order to fully understand network security, one must first understand what exactly a network is. A network is a group of computers that are connected. Computers can be connected in a variety of ways. Some of these ways include a USB port, phone line connection, Ethernet connection, or a wireless connection. The Internet is basically a network of networks. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is also a network. When a computer connects torepparttar 145575 internet, it joinsrepparttar 145576 ISP’s network which is joined with a variety of other networks, which are joined with even more networks, and so on. These networks all encompassrepparttar 145577 Internet. The vast amount of computers onrepparttar 145578 Internet, andrepparttar 145579 number of ISPs and large networks makes network security a must.

Common Network Security Breeches

Hackers often try to hack into vulnerable networks. Hackers use a variety of different attacks to cripple a network. Whether you have a home network or a LAN, it is important to know how hackers will attack a network.

One common way for a hacker to wreak havoc is to achieve access to things that ordinary users shouldn’t have access to. In any network, administrators haverepparttar 145580 ability to make certain parts ofrepparttar 145581 network “unauthorized access.” If a hacker is able to gain access to a protected area ofrepparttar 145582 network, he or she can possibly affect all ofrepparttar 145583 computers onrepparttar 145584 network. Some hackers attempt to break into certain networks and release viruses that affect all ofrepparttar 145585 computers inrepparttar 145586 network. Some hackers can also view information that they are not supposed to see.

How To Buy The Right Computer

Written by Jackson Morgan

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How To Buy The Right Computer



How To Buy The Right Computer

What's Right For Me?


Sometimes, when trying to figure outrepparttar 145479 differences between RAM, processor speed and hard drive size , it seems like you need a degree in computer science. But it can be simplified into layman's terms.

Onrepparttar 145480 same note, you can’t take it too lightly, because there is a lot to think about. Believe me,repparttar 145481 purchase of a new computer can affect you sanity forrepparttar 145482 next 2-5 years.

I read an article that stated most Americans ask: “What do I want?” Instead of: “What do I need?” when they go shopping. Now, if money is no object, stop reading this and return to your carefree life of Lamborghinis, Beluga, and chilled three olive Martinis. Otherwise this may help you in deciding on your next purchase.

Can I go no frills?


Yes, there are some good no name brands that will work just as well. However, (Personally) I prefer brand name PC’s to repparttar 145483 no frills isle. The $50-$75 that you save for goingrepparttar 145484 cheaper way may cause you headaches when a warranty issue comes around.

Does size matter?


I did a quick survey and contrary to what we would like to think, size does matter. I mean it’s pretty simple when you think about it,repparttar 145485 larger it is,repparttar 145486 more information you can store on it. (What did you think I was talking about; get your mind out ofrepparttar 145487 gutter) Seriously, if you write essays/proposals for school or work, play a lot of games, or have tons of music that you would like to store, you’ll need to make sure you get a hard drive with practical size. (80-120GB should be fine for now, if you need more space in a year or so you can look at an external USB or Firewire HDD) How fast is fast?


In order to answer this you will have to ask yourself one question. What am I going to do with my new PC? If you are using it for checking emails, writing letters and surfing repparttar 145488 web, save yourself some money and go withrepparttar 145489 Celeron processor and standard RAM package. If you are going to play games, develop graphics and use your PC as a TV/stereo, you’ll need to go with Pentium or equivalent processor and boost your RAM to 1GB or what ever you can afford. (Remember, more RAM (memory) is one ofrepparttar 145490 best ways to speed up your PC)

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