Network Marketing the Internet and the People!

Written by Emmett B. "Jamie" Whitten, Jr.

The Internet and eCommerce are being used by hundreds if not thousands of companies aroundrepparttar world. The network marketing industry, including Quixtar, Six Figure Income, Cognigen, Madison Dynamics, and many others are investing millions of dollars in technological support of their distributors and affiliates.

Linked to your companies website, or affiliate, you search, pay-per-click and blastrepparttar 116993 global market with your product or service. Inrepparttar 116994 years ahead, we will use technologies we can only dream of right now. Our customer, affiliate, and downline a mere email address or ID#.

Regardless of how exciting and powerful these tools are, they will always be just that - - - - TOOLS! Designed to support and enhance your business, product or service. These Tools will never replacerepparttar 116995 fundemental factors of your business. These Tools can never replace you, andrepparttar 116996 power of a face-to-face meeting!

Now What?

Written by Christian Csatari

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Now What?

By Christian Csatari © 2004

So, you just started your new home business, spent time, money and effort on getting your website justrepparttar 116992 way you wanted it. You Bought allrepparttar 116993 latest software and business products to help you succeed. So Now What?

After allrepparttar 116994 initial excitement of becoming your own boss of your new home business opportunity has settled down, you realize you need customers to buy your product and/or service If you are going to succeed. However, if you are on a budget and have little or no money to buy leads or traffic or advertising what are you supposed to do to drive customers to your website?

As luck would have it,repparttar 116995 internet is full of places to get cheap and often free advertising and traffic to your website! You just need to know where to find these places. I have listed below several tips and strategies that you can use to advertise and generate free traffic for your website using online strategies.

Tip #1 Submit Your Website To Search Engines

There are plenty of free search engine submission services available to you for use in getting your site listed in major search engines. Do a search on Yahoo or Google and you will find these services. You may also use software like Web Position Gold that offer a free 45 day trial.

Tip #2 Use Your Unique Signature In Email

This tip is so easy! You will undoubtedly be using email in your business to correspond with potential customers. Simply add your unique signature to your email account with your url and a quick synopsis of your product and/or service. Be creative and make people want to click on your link to see what you have to offer.

Tip #3 Submit Your Articles

Write your articles and submit them to article directories. You donít have to be Hemingway to write good articles, just write about something you know. Donít write a sales letter however, you must write about something that you have experience in or know about. Make your article between 500-1000 words. The best part is each article has a resource box atrepparttar 116996 bottom that you can use to write 4-5 lines about your business, think of it as an ad to promote your product and/or service. Once you have written your article and checked it for any mistakes, submit it to article directories. These directories are just waiting for quality articles to use on their site. Another benefit is if your article is of interest to a ezine publisher you may be asked if they can use it in their ezine to send to their opt-in list, and that could mean thousands of more people will read your article and potentially visit your site. This will also help you promote your business, gain potential customers and help with your rank inrepparttar 116997 search engines. To find article directories search yahoo or google.

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