Network Marketing Success- The Top 3 Secrets of Network Marketing Success

Written by Doug Firebaugh

What stops most people in MLM and Network Marketing? After studying this industry for over 20 years, and talking to thousands of folks, you learn a thing or two.

Many people enter this industry of Network Marketing, and find themselves out of it within a year or less. Why does this happen?

There can be many reasons for giving up on MLM, but we have found that there are three major reasons that people initially never reach Network Marketing Success in their career.

Are you there now? Are you ready to throw inrepparttar towel because you have gotten discouraged and frustrated and MLM is simply not working for you?

Dont you dare quit!

You need to read these next three things and see if they might be what is stopping you.

What arerepparttar 147111 three things that stop most Network Marketing Success?

1) Wrong expectations.

There are many expectations you can have for your Network Marketing business, but there are alsorepparttar 147112 WRONG expecations as well.

Wrong expectations usually include expecting:

Everyone is going to be interested. It is going to be easy to succeed in MLM. You don't have to be consistent in activity. You don't need to learnrepparttar 147113 basics of this business. The first month will explode. (It rarely does.) You can recruit a few folks and they will make you rich. You will never get frustrated or discouraged. You will never feel like giving up. Your friends will not be interested. You need to start inrepparttar 147114 cold market.

Create expectations of faith, and belief. But deal in what truly is possiblerepparttar 147115 first 90 days for you.

2) A Slow Start.

You MUST get off to a fast start in Network Marketing Success, because this will berepparttar 147116 start of creating a habit of quick actions and focus. A slower start is going to prove harder to get throughrepparttar 147117 No's andrepparttar 147118 usual learning curve of Network Marketing. Start making phone calls NOW. Make your list of names NOW. Go see your family and friends NOW. Make more appointments NOW. NOW createsrepparttar 147119 speed you need!

MLM Training Tools - The Top 10 Resource Sites for Network Marketing Training Tools

Written by Doug Firebaugh

There are many great MLM Tools that are available, and some, well, that are not so great. You need tools in order to build your business, and you needrepparttar proper trainings on how to use them properly.

We researchedrepparttar 147064 best ofrepparttar 147065 best, and looked at 5 things to qualifyrepparttar 147066 best sites out there. This is in no way saying thatrepparttar 147067 other sites out there are not any good. Most are really good sites. But these Top 10 MLM Tools sites had some over and above traits that make up for a good purchasing/training experience for Network Marketing Success.

There are some things that you need to consider before you spend any money on tools. We have found that there are 5 main things that you need to take a look at for great MLM Tools.

What are they?

1) Quality.

The quality of recording, sound, duplication, visuals, and content are all important. You need to make sure thatrepparttar 147068 quality ofrepparttar 147069 programs are good. Make surerepparttar 147070 content is not justrepparttar 147071 same content you hear everywhere else as well.

2) Fresh Approach.

A great MLM Tool site will have tools with a fresh approach, and a fresh look. Make sure thatrepparttar 147072 tools you choose have a fresh feel and material that can only be found on that tool you are considering purchasing.

3) Title of Tool.

Doesrepparttar 147073 title sound appealing? The title will tell you ifrepparttar 147074 content is going to be appealing. Unique, catchy titles are what you want to look for, but there are exceptions out there. Contactrepparttar 147075 site you are considering and find out it's best titles according to their sales.

4) Shipping history.

Do you know someone that has used them before? Do they ship on time? How much do they charge for shipping? If it is more than say, $15.00 total for your whole order, than you may be charged too much. Check into it, and make sure that shipping is NOT a big expense, and they ship on time. International orders are an exception, as shipping rates can be quite expensive, depending onrepparttar 147076 destination.

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