Network Marketing Success- Network Marketing Success Secrets of the Success Vault

Written by Doug Firebaugh

Network Marketing Success is very elusive, as most do not knowrepparttar Combination ofrepparttar 148687 Lock of Network Marketing Success. Most folks are too busy "workingrepparttar 148688 business" to ever become successful in Network Marketing. You need to understand that most people are "Locked Out" of Success because they don't knowrepparttar 148689 5 Most Powerful Secrets of Network Marketing Success.

These Secrets could be considered a 'Combination" torepparttar 148690 Lock of Success in Network Marketing.

What are those 5 Most Powerful Secrets?

1) Don't Recruit Anyone.

You read that right. Don't recruit anyone. Why? When you are focused on recruiting people, there will be a natural resistance to you, and to your intentions. Recruiting is a great process, but it has many better roads to get you there.

Let me ask you a question: Would you like to be recruited because someone wants you to become a paycheck for them? Of course not. That is why that most people don't want to feel like they are being recruited either.

Dont' recruit anyone. Solve a life problem that they have withrepparttar 148691 solutions your business offers. Find out what they want to change forrepparttar 148692 better in their life, and then show them how you can your Network marketing business can help.

2) Don't do a presentation.

When you are doing a presentation, many times, people feel they are being "pitched" like a used car salesman, and are turned off by it. That is not what you need to do.

Don't do a presentation. Hold A Conversation. One that containsrepparttar 148693 details of what you want to cover. People feel so much more comfortable with a conversation, than being pitched a new deal, a new thing, a new opportunity.

When you hold a conversation, people are put at ease, andrepparttar 148694 red flags that go up with a "pitch" are not there, and people will listen more closely to you.

3) Don't follow up.

When you are following up, it feels like you are following up to sell them, or recruit them. That is going to setrepparttar 148695 red flags up a lot.

Don't follow up. RECONNECT.

When you reconnect, there is a whole different feeling, and a whole different result. You are reconnecting to simply see if a person has any questions, and to see how you can help. You are reconnecting to simply let them know you only want what is best for them, and their family.

Multi level Marketing- The Three Secrets of Multi level Marketing Success

Written by Doug Firebaugh

So many times we have seen as an industry people not really understanding Multi level Marketing, and because of that, truly dorepparttar industry a disservice by leavingrepparttar 148506 industry, and then saying bad things about it. True, charlatans are in every industry, but if they had only known and embracedrepparttar 148507 three secrets that I am going to cover, it might have ended up a different result.

Who really knows?

But there are Three Secrets that can make Multi level Marketing a whole lot more likely to create a Success in your life than a failure.

Ok....what arerepparttar 148508 three secrets?

1) You MUST Understand that it is about LEVERAGE.

You have heard this before. But understand why leverage is so important: Leveraging time isrepparttar 148509 single greatest secret ofrepparttar 148510 wealthy. They understand that if you leverage your time, you can then create an army doingrepparttar 148511 job that normally one person would do by himself, thus creating greater effort and results.

You MUST leverage your time and income to create wealth. Yes, you must work very hard, but having 25 others working towards building your business as well as their business isrepparttar 148512 most powerful form of leverage there is. All corporations leverage other people's efforts, and then combine allrepparttar 148513 employees efforts to create a business!

Multi Level marketing doesrepparttar 148514 same thing. It allows you to build a team of distributors and then leverage their time and effort, and combined with yours, can potentially build a solid business.

There is NO wealth of any kind if there is no leverage. You either are leveraging effort, time, money, or people. Multi level Marketing allows you to leverage all 4.

2) You MUST understand that it is about DUPLICATION.

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