Network Marketing...An Opportunity Where the Women Beat the Men!

Written by Dr. Vernon Brabham


Sometimes overlooked byrepparttar woman who needs more money is a business called “Network Marketing”. This is a home-based business that has, overrepparttar 131023 years, matured into a respectable opportunity. An opportunity not recognized or appreciated by most of us. Let’s say that you are a woman who, for whatever reason, needs to make some money to keep your household afloat. There are many things that could cause such a need. A child needs braces, a divorce happens or you just need more money to stay even with all of those bills. What would you most likely think of first? Usually a job. If you are trained in some field and have had previous job experience in that field this is what you would consider first. Such experience would perhaps better position you to obtain a job and you would try to get a job in that field. But what if you have no previous job experience or if it has been so long ago that it doesn’t count for much now. If this is you, then to get a job you just about have to take what you can get. Or maybe you already have a job and are thinking about getting a second one to earn extra money. Regardless of these factors if you can get a job it means generally low pay, having to transport yourself to that job, having to clothe yourself accordingly, being away from home and possibly your children a good many hours a day. It means work that may be of low interest to you and to be subservient to a “boss”. It means that your gender, your age, your educational level (low or high) and your ethnic background could affect your success in that job. Going to work at a job means your chance to improve your salary as time goes by is slight. It means you have little job security. In today’s world companies letting workers go is something we read about inrepparttar 131024 newspapers every day. Now, let’s look at Network Marketing:

1. You can work at home, thereby saving on transportation and clothes. 2. You are your own boss. 3. You can set your own hours. 4. You are not judged by your gender, age, looks, education or race. 5. Your potential earnings are unlimited. 6. You can start part-time and if you already have a job can keep it until your new business prospers. 7. As you build your business it becomes more valuable and self-sustaining as time goes by. 8. You can count on a great deal of help, advice and training from your network marketing group. People who have an interest in your succeeding and making money since they share in your success. They are called your “Upline”. You, in turn, will help others as you learnrepparttar 131025 business and will share in their success. This is called your “Downline”. 9. Since you are in business some of your expenses can be tax deductible.

Be the Wind Behind Your Sails- Eliminate Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Written by Beth A. Tabak

“Believe deep down in your heart that you are destined to do great things.” Joe Paterno

Imagine that you are a beautiful sail boat onrepparttar high sea of life, andrepparttar 131020 gusting wind isrepparttar 131021 way in which you talk to yourself. Will your wind be behind your sails encouraging you forward so that you swiftly glide throughrepparttar 131022 sea on course and are able to scoperepparttar 131023 many possibilities? Or is your inner critic boldly blasting strong gusts of wind in your face forcing you to step back, alter your course, and expend your energy with barely a glimpse ahead?

Kudos to Christopher Columbus who was able to look beyondrepparttar 131024 horizon. What could you accomplish if you were able to rid yourself of your inner critic and his/her comrade, self-limiting beliefs? If you were not limiting yourself, what would you be doing right now? How would your life be different? Hmmmm.... I know easier said than done. This week noticerepparttar 131025 way you talk to yourself. Write downrepparttar 131026 voice. Whose voice is it? More importantly, what isrepparttar 131027 tone? Most critical, how can you change that voice if it is holding you back from what you want?

Create a plan. Here are two exercises and one thought that may help. The first exercise is when you catchrepparttar 131028 voice cutting you down or holding you back, immediately change what you are saying. Think about how you would talk to your best friend if she/he were in your shoes and use that voice with yourself. I used this method onrepparttar 131029 way to a public speaking engagement about a year ago. Public speaking has been my greatest fear. As I was headed torepparttar 131030 all day event that I was hosting, my inner critic was on a roll. When I recognized it I turnedrepparttar 131031 talk around and said “You can do problem....think of how great you will feel when it’s over...just like having a’s uncomfortable andrepparttar 131032 rewards are awesome” and so on. The day was a success, I had fun, and continue public speaking. The second method is to picture yourself as a child. We all feel pretty muchrepparttar 131033 same inside as we did as a child, right? Imagine your inner critic talking to that child. It becomes easier to put a stop to it. Choose to stand up for that child within, and do not allow anyone to criticize or discourage him/her. Andrepparttar 131034 thought? We are all doingrepparttar 131035 best that we can at any given moment. So congratulations! You are great right now and should not have any limits placed on what you can do and be.

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