Network Marketing, Multi Million Dollar Business or Just a Spam?

Written by Yochention Saritoh

A lot of people has bad image when they heard about Network Marketing. Well, we can’t blame them. May be they had bad experiences before. Here are some tips for you before you join any network marketing. Hopefully it will help you. Four things about MLM that we have to know: 1. Researchrepparttar company first You can researchrepparttar 139770 company profile and information fromrepparttar 139771 internet. Look forrepparttar 139772 information aboutrepparttar 139773 company as much as you can and ask your friends or people who knows about this network marketing company. Usuallyrepparttar 139774 company that is spam only stays no more than 5 years. The company that is not a spam usually belongs to a Better Business Bureau and US Chambers. The more research you do,repparttar 139775 better. 2. Lack of Mentoring Most ofrepparttar 139776 network marketing company do not provide mentor on how to dorepparttar 139777 business. Basically they just tell you aboutrepparttar 139778 company profile andrepparttar 139779 level of commission that we could attain. Mentor plays a quite significant role inrepparttar 139780 business especially for people who knows a little or none about network marketing business. Fromrepparttar 139781 mentor, new comer can be guided step-by-step on how to dorepparttar 139782 business, where to dorepparttar 139783 promotions and how to take profit from allrepparttar 139784 marketing tools. In this case look for network marketing companies that provide mentor to you so you will be supported alongrepparttar 139785 way.

MLM-Sure Thing or Scam?

Written by Brennan Howe

Be your own boss! Set your own schedule. Retire Early! Who doesn’t want that, right? Multi-level Marketing has been praised for allowing financial freedom; and it’s been criticized for being a big scam. As with any business venture, it’s buyer beware. Do your homework first. Both sides agree; it takes work. If anyone tries to tell you that it’s easy money, there’s so such thing. Also as with any new endeavor, you will need to make an initial investment. It takes money to make money. Below outlinesrepparttar two schools of thought. You berepparttar 139769 judge.

Some ofrepparttar 139770 comments in favor of MLM include: “Donald Trump was asked onrepparttar 139771 Tonight Show, if he had to start all over from scratch what he would do - His answer...MLM". And yet another satisfied participant, “It is a wonderful combination of being your own boss and being mentored. It has a support system built right in and usually pretty neat products! I was involved with [company] for a while andrepparttar 139772 people were fabulous, products were great andrepparttar 139773 system of support was wonderful to have. I hearrepparttar 139774 same is true for many network marketing direct sales companies! I think MLM companies are great!”

Conversely, those who didn’t speak as highly include: “You only make money when you have lots of people under you. You spend a lot to stay in each month. I was required to spend more than I needed or could afford each month, so I had to quit. Seems to me

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