Network Marketing: Smart Business Concept for Home Business Success

Written by Kelvin Shaw

A Franchise like Opportunity without allrepparttar RISK!

Why Network Marketing/MLM Network marketing is a powerful business concept for many reasons butrepparttar 122491 most obvious is forrepparttar 122492 type of income it can providerepparttar 122493 network marketer. It is so powerful that many fortune 500 companies have used, some are still using, this business model to build their multi-million dollar empire. So why can’trepparttar 122494 average person dorepparttar 122495 same? The answer is average people are building great home-based businesses using network marketing. Are you one of them? If not now is an excellent time to get started.

Millionaires have taken notice of mlm as a home-based business model that average people can get into and build wealth. Multi-level marketing is a huge, thriving industry in spite of allrepparttar 122496 negative publicity it receives inrepparttar 122497 media from anti-mlm enthusiasts. Millionaires like Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn, Robert Allen, Jack Zufelt, Zig Ziggler, and many others express how network marketing is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in building a home-based business without having to build a business from scratch. For an overview of network marketing and why it is such a powerful business model, you should listen torepparttar 122498 CD “Brilliant Compensation” distributed by VideoPlus, Inc. You can get a copy at Networking Times where you will find tons of informational products to learn more about network marketing.

Extra Income Can you use extra income? Most consumers would probably answer yes to this question and I am guessing that you too can use extra income every month. So where is this extra income going to come from? One obvious solution would be is to get a second job which may seem to berepparttar 122499 best solution atrepparttar 122500 time but it rarely is not. This is becauserepparttar 122501 time you spend on your second job andrepparttar 122502 money you receive after taxes usually still isn’t enough, as it was in my personal experience. Of course you will have to consider your reasons for getting a second job and why you needrepparttar 122503 extra income to determine if getting a second job is reallyrepparttar 122504 right solution for you.

However, onrepparttar 122505 other hand, you can start your own part-time home-based business using multi-level marketing as your business vehicle. Why use network marketing as your extra income solution because, you can get started inrepparttar 122506 industry for nearly nothing. This is a big plus. For example, if it cost you less than $100 to start your business and you earn $250 your first month then you are in profit big time. No cash lost, no time wasted. This is one reason why building a network marketing business make so much more than sense. It makes MONEY!

Getting Started in Network Marketing Getting started in network marketing has become so easy that anyone can get started even if you do not have a dime to invest in your start up. The key here is to simply get started then never quit. Many legitimate mlm opportunities will allow you to get started for under $100. You can even find FREE mlm opportunities with little or no overhead expenses and with great support from other members as well asrepparttar 122507 parent company. They (mlm companies) provide allrepparttar 122508 tools and system for you; you simply add your sweat equity, your commitment, and persistence torepparttar 122509 opportunity. Remember to choose a well established company that offers quality consumable products and/or services with an excellent management team (corporate office) and support to their distributors. Another important key factor, and this can not be left out, is your commitment torepparttar 122510 company and its products and services with you as a bona-fide user and marketer ofrepparttar 122511 products and services you want to earn extra income from. Here in liesrepparttar 122512 SECRET to your success “Transfer Buying.” Simply allocate $50 or more ofrepparttar 122513 dollars you use to purchase other products and services from department stores, magazines, catalogs, or services to your company’s products and services then show others how to dorepparttar 122514 same. It’s a simple concept that works. Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate and DUPLICATE!

The MLM Revolving Door Syndrome

Written by Linda J Bruton

Inrepparttar 15+ years I've been involved with network marketing,repparttar 122490 number of people who come and go never cease to amaze me! Sometimes it seems like a revolving door.

Onrepparttar 122491 positive side, thousands of new people discover network marketing allrepparttar 122492 time. They have always wanted to start their own business and are attracted byrepparttar 122493 huge income potential of MLM. Or they need a part-time source of income. Or, perhaps they've been caught up inrepparttar 122494 huge, never-ending layoffs and corporate downsizing that seem to be a permanent part ofrepparttar 122495 new information-driven economy. They see network marketing as a way to escaperepparttar 122496 Rat Race forever!

Whateverrepparttar 122497 reason, they are entering this industry in droves. And that is good news for you and I!

Onrepparttar 122498 negative side, however, most of these people flounder around for months, or even years, like a fish out of water, and never really discover how to make network marketing work for themselves. They buy into too much ofrepparttar 122499 hype and half-truths that seem to proliferate in MLM advertising, expecting a large income in just a few months without much work or investment.

Unfortunately, some of us continue to promote this image of network marketing, even though we know it is completely untrue!

Perhaps that explains why so many newcomers believe that all they have to do to be successful is just send out a bunch of spammy emails andrepparttar 122500 money will come rolling in!

I've spent a lot of time and effort showingrepparttar 122501 newcomers in my downlinerepparttar 122502 kind of work that is necessary for success. But all too often, these newcomers pay little attention to it. They've seen allrepparttar 122503 ads telling them that they don't have to do any work, that a certain program practically builds itself, or their upline will be giving them massive amounts of spillover.

They don't seem to understand that this is a business, not a chain letter game. And all too often, this is partly our fault. Some of us are so eager to sign up new distributors that we'll tell them anything.

So our MLM newcomer may run out and send out a few over-hyped, anonymous emails to a cheap list and then wait forrepparttar 122504 money to roll in.

When nothing happens, our unhappy newcomer then decides "the program doesn't work." (How many times have you received an MLM mailing withrepparttar 122505 words "This one really works" inrepparttar 122506 subject line? I get them allrepparttar 122507 time).

That starts our newcomer on a frustrating journey from one MLM program to another. They may join 5 or 6 all at once onrepparttar 122508 theory that at least one must work! They may sign up under a sponsor that promotesrepparttar 122509 "program ofrepparttar 122510 month," and jump into everything new that comes out. Never does it enter their mind that "programs" neither work nor don't work!

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