Network Markeitng Success- The 5 Critical Steps to Massive MLM Success

Written by Doug Firebaugh

Many people today in MLM and Network Marketing are looking forrepparttar silver bullet,repparttar 147289 magic lantern, orrepparttar 147290 Secret Door that you walk through for Success in network marketing. Well, a magic lantern does not exist, as far as I know, and a silver bullet may be hard to find. Butrepparttar 147291 Secret Door actually is a Success Path that you walk daily, and can produce massive Success over time.

We all know that there are 7 days to a week, 12 months to a year, and 60 seconds in a minute. I will prove a point. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. What comes next? Correct. Thursday. We live in a sequenced based world, and a sequenced based life. This is all part of our life culture, and our life we live. MLM hasrepparttar 147292 same sequenced pattern of structure in this industry.

There are 5 basic Success Modules, or steps, that driverepparttar 147293 business of MLM and each module has it’s own importance. We will cover all 5 in great detail in more modules in PassionFire, and you must become very familiar withrepparttar 147294 modules. They will bring great success to you and your business, or great frustration. What happens all depends on YOU.


The Modules of MLM have a Power to them that you can make work FOR you….or AGAINST you. That is totally your decision. You need a path to walk, and a step by step system for you to be able to duplicate your business.

Most people in MLM bring a certain pattern of thinking and living to their business, family, and life. And these modules dove tail nicely in their pattern of life. And each module has it’s own purpose, and combination for success.

Each is a part ofrepparttar 147295 whole, but if worked in sync, then these modules can create a “flow” of work and success in your business that will amaze you.

Ok…what are they?

1) Prospecting 2) Contacting 3) Presentation 4) Next Move 5) Decision

Workingrepparttar 147296 5 Modules in Network Marketing.

1) Prospecting

Simply, if you don’t have people to talk to about your products and services, and business, you are unemployed in this industry. You must have people to share your product stories and successes with, so they can become a customer, and maybe a distributor.

Prospecting will be covered in depth in PassionFire, bit it all starts with someone to talk to, and someone to share your message with.

2) Contacting

If you know people, and have a list of potential customers and distributors, but you never call them, then you have what I call a “wish list inventory”, as success will only be a wish on your part. You MUST engage them in conversation and use that as a vehicle to share your message with them. You have made a list of prospects, but now you must have a point of contact with them, and that usually starts with a conversation.

Network Marketing Success- The Top 3 Secrets of Network Marketing Success

Written by Doug Firebaugh

What stops most people in MLM and Network Marketing? After studying this industry for over 20 years, and talking to thousands of folks, you learn a thing or two.

Many people enter this industry of Network Marketing, and find themselves out of it within a year or less. Why does this happen?

There can be many reasons for giving up on MLM, but we have found that there are three major reasons that people initially never reach Network Marketing Success in their career.

Are you there now? Are you ready to throw inrepparttar towel because you have gotten discouraged and frustrated and MLM is simply not working for you?

Dont you dare quit!

You need to read these next three things and see if they might be what is stopping you.

What arerepparttar 147111 three things that stop most Network Marketing Success?

1) Wrong expectations.

There are many expectations you can have for your Network Marketing business, but there are alsorepparttar 147112 WRONG expecations as well.

Wrong expectations usually include expecting:

Everyone is going to be interested. It is going to be easy to succeed in MLM. You don't have to be consistent in activity. You don't need to learnrepparttar 147113 basics of this business. The first month will explode. (It rarely does.) You can recruit a few folks and they will make you rich. You will never get frustrated or discouraged. You will never feel like giving up. Your friends will not be interested. You need to start inrepparttar 147114 cold market.

Create expectations of faith, and belief. But deal in what truly is possiblerepparttar 147115 first 90 days for you.

2) A Slow Start.

You MUST get off to a fast start in Network Marketing Success, because this will berepparttar 147116 start of creating a habit of quick actions and focus. A slower start is going to prove harder to get throughrepparttar 147117 No's andrepparttar 147118 usual learning curve of Network Marketing. Start making phone calls NOW. Make your list of names NOW. Go see your family and friends NOW. Make more appointments NOW. NOW createsrepparttar 147119 speed you need!

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