Nettles The Needles Sting

Written by Judi Singleton

Spring is a time of rebirthrepparttar plants all put on new green overcoats andrepparttar 137341 babies are born torepparttar 137342 animals. As I road along today out inrepparttar 137343 country seeing, colts, calves, and lambs it reminded me that now isrepparttar 137344 time to plantrepparttar 137345 new seeds of intention for my life. Now isrepparttar 137346 time to plant seeds of intentions and actions in your life. You can energetically transform right alongsiderepparttar 137347 growth ofrepparttar 137348 plants andrepparttar 137349 birth of new life. While I was out on my adventure inrepparttar 137350 country today I saw one ofrepparttar 137351 wonderous plants all around me sprout their new greenery. One of these wasrepparttar 137352 nettle which is a plant I love it is wonderful for making herbal vinegar. It is easy to identify. The jagged leaves held in pairs alongrepparttar 137353 square stems are easily recognisable particularly after having experiencedrepparttar 137354 sting. The nettle sting, will wear off in a few hours. Nature always provides a natural remedy close at hand. The leaves ofrepparttar 137355 dock contain chemicals that neutraliserepparttar 137356 sting and also coolrepparttar 137357 skin. The nettles sting is actually used as a treatment for arthritic joints!

Where didrepparttar 137358 nettle get its name? Problably from thatrepparttar 137359 'nettle' is derived from Noedl meaning a needle - referringrepparttar 137360 needle like sting.

Because very few grazing animals will touch nettle because ofrepparttar 137361 sting it is a great place for butterflies to raise their young. One will findrepparttar 137362 small tortoiseshell and peacock butterfly larvae which feed in large groups hidden in silken tents atrepparttar 137363 top ofrepparttar 137364 nettle stems. In late summerrepparttar 137365 huge quantity of seed produced provide a food source for many of our seed eating birds. Not only insects and birds are benefited by nettles but when dried into hay horses and cows feed on it. In Sweden nettles is raised for dairy cows it increases milk production. Horse breeder feed it because it is so good forrepparttar 137366 horses coat. If you are wondering why anyone would eat nettles having experienced their sting,repparttar 137367 sting goes away with cooking. You can enjoy nettle leaves in soup, steam them when they are young and picked before they flower just like spinach or kale. Nettles are reportedly high in calcium, iron, magnesium, chromium, potassium, and zinc, as well as vitamins A, B, C, D and K. Nettles are said to nourishrepparttar 137368 adrenal glands, and are also rich in carotene. You can preserverepparttar 137369 nettles for winter several ways. Nettle vinegar can be made by soaking fresh herbs in white vinegar. The vinegar leachesrepparttar 137370 calcium and other minerals out ofrepparttar 137371 nettles, and then you can sprinklerepparttar 137372 vinegar on salads, veggies, stir fry. Purple nettles will tintrepparttar 137373 vinegar a nice rose hue. You can use nettles in any recipe calling for spinach. Userepparttar 137374 leftover water as a hair rinse. For centuries, nettles have been used for medicinal purposes. They have beneficial influence on various body systems, includingrepparttar 137375 lungs, kidneys, skin, and blood. The herb has been recognized for its ability to stop bleeding, relieve mucous congestion and water retention, and improve skin irritations. It is considered to be an excellent blood purifier. Try some of these interesting Nettles recipes: Pasta with Nettles and Parmesan

3-4 cups fresh nettles

3 Tablespoons olive oil

3-4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced

1 small hot red pepper

1 pound pasta (traditionally penne, pennette, or rigatoni)

Six Steps to Personal Success

Written by Ed Hutchison

Trying to keep up withrepparttar Jones only drags good, honest, hard-working people into more credit debt and despair. The Jones' lifestyle looks glamorous onrepparttar 137282 outside with their big house, high class automobiles and other luxury items. However, onrepparttar 137283 inside, it’s only a matter of time before this unstable house of cards comes crashing down.

The following statistics are evidence: • Over three million more people are living belowrepparttar 137284 poverty line • Over one million more bankruptcies have occurred inrepparttar 137285 last year • Over 70% of divorces are caused by financial issues

It is more difficult to continue struggling than it is to simply apply proven strategies to help you upgraderepparttar 137286 quality of your life without allrepparttar 137287 unnecessary stress.

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