Negative vs positive. The ever-existing battle in your mind

Written by Lynne Dean

No news here just a statement. WE ARE ALL THINKING ALL OF THE TIME.

Can you believe that our thoughts never leave us. Wow! Silly thoughts, hungry thoughts, angry thoughts, melancholy thoughts, happy thoughts; thatís a bunch of emotions that has a significant impact on our lives. Physically, emotionally, itís all there.

Every thought is connected to our body to create a response. Example: imagine a hot summer day. There is absolutely no breeze. You are sitting on a rock inrepparttar middle of your yard. Smellrepparttar 145040 earth,repparttar 145041 heat. HEARrepparttar 145042 crickets doing their thing. The sun is hot on your body. In your hand, you have an ice cold drink. You are thirsty. Putrepparttar 145043 glass to your lips. Drink. AHHHHHH. Wasnít that nice? Were you there with me?

Thoughts influence our emotions. Try this other exercise. Think of something that makes you happy. Anything. Now think of something that you hate doing and that makes you feel miserable. Okay. Back to something that makes you smile. See. Thoughts rule our emotions instantly. Change your thoughts to happy thoughts and your emotions will change.

The art of using effectively a motivational quote

Written by Lynne Dean

Choose a motivational quote related to your goal. Donít have one? Go to Motivational Central. Browse throughrepparttar wide variety of motivational quotes and pick one: sport, love, positive thinking, self-esteem, weight loss, business ect.

Once you have chosenrepparttar 145039 quote that will inspire you, print it. To make it more effective, you may want to print it on a nice piece of paper with an attractive font. Or you can simply write it down with your best handwriting. It has to stimulate you.

Post it somewhere obvious such as:

  • Bathroom mirror
  • Dashboard
  • Billboard around your desk
  • In a picture frame above your bed
  • Screen saver

Read if frequently. Several times a day. If possible say it out loud. Add a feeling to it. Believe it.

It wonít make a difference today, nor tomorrow, but wait for./ a couple of weeks thenrepparttar 145040 positive affect should resume before your realize it. Remember, it takes time to reprogram your brain to think differently. It will work; it will changerepparttar 145041 way you think.

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