Negative Calorie Foods & Weight Loss

Written by P. Mehta

Negative Calorie Foods & Weight Loss

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You gain weight when your calorie intake is more than your calorie expenditure. But if this calorie equation is reversed, then it results in "negative calorie" balance in your body. In this negative calorie case, you expand more calories than you take in, resulting in a decrease inrepparttar stored calories inrepparttar 131489 form of body fat, and you experience a weight loss. About 10% of daily caloric intake is used to process foods inrepparttar 131490 body. You can expand more by doing physical activities.

There are certain foods that show negative calorie effect becauserepparttar 131491 body has to expand more energy to extract calories from these foods. The negative calorie foods need more calories to break downrepparttar 131492 foods and digest thanrepparttar 131493 caloriesrepparttar 131494 foods actually contain. The extra calories are taken up fromrepparttar 131495 stored fat inrepparttar 131496 body. Thusrepparttar 131497 negative calorie foods (may also be called as minus calorie foods or fat burning foods) are ideal for reducingrepparttar 131498 body fat and for losing weight.

Let us take an example. A piece of dessert consisting of 300 calories may require only 150 calories to be digested by our body, resulting in a net gain of 150 calories which is added to our body fat! So if you eat 100 calories of a food that requires 150 calories to digest, then you have burnt an additional 50 calories simply by eating that food. These 50 calories are used up fromrepparttar 131499 stored fat in your body!

Can Eating Certain Foods Help You to Lose Weight?

Written by David Snape

The best way to lose weight is by consuming fewer calories than you expend or conversely, by expending more calories than you consume.

Experts have discovered that certain foods can actually help you to lose weight withoutrepparttar stress of dieting or exercise. The down side is that many of us have a tendency to dress these foods up with cheese, sour cream, butter or other calorie-laden flavor enhancers. This causesrepparttar 131486 weight loss effect to be lost. It may be difficult to not add extra calories to these foods but with a strong will power it can be done.

A negative calorie food can be defined as a food that results in a slimming effect forrepparttar 131487 body. In other words a carrot (without anything else) will cause your body to use an increased amount of energy when digesting it and other foods, this can lead to an overall reducing effect onrepparttar 131488 body. This is partly fromrepparttar 131489 amount of energy it takes to digestrepparttar 131490 carrot or other negative calorie food and partly fromrepparttar 131491 elevation in metabolism that these foods naturally create. The overall effect is a net loss of energy, which is measured in calories. It should be understood that ‘negative calorie’ doesn’t mean thatrepparttar 131492 food has zero calories in it, nor does it have an anti-calorie or a negative calorie.

Here is a partial list of negative calorie foods: apples, cranberries, grapefruit, lemon mango, oranges, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, tangerines, asparagus, beets, cabbage (green), carrots, cauliflower, hot Chile peppers, cucumbers, endives, garden cress, garlic, green beans, lettuce, onion, papaya, radishes, spinach, turnips and zucchini. There are more and you can learn about them from a medical doctor’s very popular book.

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