Negative Calorie Effect in Foods

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Negative Calorie Effect in Foods Copyright 2004 by Whatever food we eat, our body has to work hard to digest it and absorb. Some foods need more energy thanrepparttar others inrepparttar 131380 process of digestion. It is likely that there may be certain foods that require more calories to digest thanrepparttar 131381 caloric content ofrepparttar 131382 foods themselves. In fact there are certain foods in nature which possess this property. Such foods may be termed as negative calorie foods because these foods take these extra calories fromrepparttar 131383 body fat. Similarly there may be foods that requirerepparttar 131384 same amount of calories asrepparttar 131385 calorie content of these foods. Such foods are effectively of zero calorie.

The secret of negative calorie effect lies inrepparttar 131386 fact that these foods use more calories to digest then actual calories. The overall effect of these negative calorie foods in our body is that of using calories from body. These foods are mostly natural plant foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils and legumes.

If you eat a food high in fat, your body will expand almost no calorie andrepparttar 131387 fat very easily goes to your waistline. Onrepparttar 131388 other hand,repparttar 131389 more you eat these negative calorie foods,repparttar 131390 more you have a feeling of fullness, thereby leaving a little chance of eating other fatty and oily foods. The other important thing about these negative calorie foods is that these can form part of a perfectly balanced diet.

Lesson in Food Cravings: Practice Patience

Written by Kathryn Martyn, M.NLP

Food Cravings: How to Practice Patience

Why is it we save our best behavior for strangers and unleash it on our families? That's been true in my life, and I suspect it is in yours as well. Duringrepparttar upcoming holiday season we have numerous occasions for parties and family dinners which means more trips torepparttar 131377 crowded grocery stores, orrepparttar 131378 worst of all:repparttar 131379 mall. These can wreak havoc with your weight loss during this or any busy time of year.

Trying to "plan ahead" so you can avoid some ofrepparttar 131380 rush is nearly impossible, unless you're smarter than I. Thinking I'd make about three major dishes for Christmas Eve dinner it finally dawned on me that I'm need to start baking a few days early.

Waiting and being patient is not my favorite thing at all. I've always had a difficult time in making a cake a day ahead. (Whenever you catch yourself sayingrepparttar 131381 word "always" that's a hint something to use EFT on is coming to mind). I want to eatrepparttar 131382 cake as soon as it's finished, so if it must wait for a day, it's torture. I also like to make those huge three and four layer cakes so it takes uprepparttar 131383 entire refrigerator causing me to see it and nothing else every time I openrepparttar 131384 door.

Practicing Patience with Yourself and Others

Patience can be practiced all day every day. It is necessary when dealing with strangers, family, and most of all yourself. Just because you usually give in to your immediate desires for food doesn't mean you must do so. Maybe you are trying to avoid feeling deprived but practicing and learning to exercise some patience may be of good use.

If I bake a lovely cake and see it inrepparttar 131385 refrigerator, it beckons to me. Knowing I cannot take a slice without ruiningrepparttar 131386 presentation doesn't seem to help me avoidrepparttar 131387 siren call. I could be sitting, minding my own business, when I suddenly snap my head upright, as if I've heard a ghost, "Come and get a piece of cake," it calls to me. "I'm waiting," it cries. "Stupid cake, I think."

Rather than trying to analyze why I have this strange desire to eatrepparttar 131388 cake, I'm just going to tackle it head-on with some EFT. I may also userepparttar 131389 Swish Technique (taught inrepparttar 131390 Ending Emotional Eating workshop, Session 4).

If you've had similar struggles, try these suggested EFT phrases, or devise some for your situation. (EFT is easy to learn and use--see for worksheets and instructions specific to weight loss or visit for general information on learning EFT).

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