Need Insurance for Self Employed?

Written by Ratliff J

If you are either self employed to unemployed, you know how important insurance can be. Are you paying top dollar for COBRA? I was too for a while until I found a great and easy website to shop for Insurance.

Increase Your Business Growth and Cash Flow Through Equipment Leasing

Written by Mark Uptain

"If it can be manufactured, it can be leased." Forrepparttar past decade or so, this statement has become more and more true to fact. From computer software to commercial aircraft, equipment leases are utilized day in and day out in a constantly changing and highly aggressive business environment worldwide. To gain or to keeprepparttar 146084 edge over their competitors, companies of every type and size are constantly looking for creative ways to conserve working capital while expanding operations. Many have turned to leasing their equipment to help inrepparttar 146085 effort. For this reason,repparttar 146086 leasing industry is being defined as a major player in equipment financing today.

So, why should you join these businesses in choosing to lease? Well, one key factor is thatrepparttar 146087 commencement of a lease can be done with very little out of pocket expense. Two advanced payments or an equal security deposit is usually all that's required. Couple this withrepparttar 146088 fact that for many leases, particularly those under $75,000, a simple one page credit application is all that is needed to be considered for approval. Compare this against an equipment loan, with it's more extensive paperwork andrepparttar 146089 resulting 10 to 50 percent down payment required to beginrepparttar 146090 transaction.

Leasing will also allow your business to maintain credit lines withrepparttar 146091 banks. This preservesrepparttar 146092 company's borrowing power for future expansion, investing, or other types of growth where leases cannot satisfyrepparttar 146093 need.

Many business owners don't likerepparttar 146094 idea of paying a premium rate in order to both own and use equipment. If obsolescence is an issue, such as inrepparttar 146095 hi-tech sector, most companies find it more desirable to be able to walk away from outdated equipment having completed a short term lease. The average term runs anywhere from 2 to 5 years, after whichrepparttar 146096 business can begin another lease and acquire more, up-to-date equipment. This progression can give your company a vital edge over it's competitors. Other leasing benefits could be expounded upon, such asrepparttar 146097 tax advantages, lower monthly payments, fixed expenses andrepparttar 146098 off-setting of inflation, but you can seerepparttar 146099 point.

Now, simply realizing that leasing is beneficial for your business and then pursuing it as a course of action is onlyrepparttar 146100 start. Like bank loans, there are elements of a lease request that increaserepparttar 146101 chances of funding. That may seem like a no-brainer, but many business owners expect more leniency from lessors than any lending institution is able to provide. Leasing companies, like your business, are inrepparttar 146102 process to make money. Therefore, some consideration on your part is in order. You should try to giverepparttar 146103 lessor at least a 70 percent chance of funding your request. Below arerepparttar 146104 most crucial points of review:

Your Time in Business - Since about 90 percent of all businesses fail inrepparttar 146105 first three years, most lessors will require ofrepparttar 146106 lessee a minimum of two years in business. In addition, there is generally a maximum transaction amount of $10,000 to $15,000 for businesses under three years old. However, some lessors, in order to compete in their market, have relaxed those requirements or developed special programs for startups and young companies. These types of programs will obviously demand higher lease rates, butrepparttar 146107 ability for a new business to obtain necessary equipment fairly quickly and with a minimum of paperwork still makesrepparttar 146108 process very worthwhile.

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