Need Ezine Content- Think Holidays

Written by Jane Tabachnick

Publishing an ezine certainly has its benefits and rewards, but evenrepparttar most prolific publishers often need more content ideas, topics and graphics.

One ofrepparttar 124215 best resources for newsletter and ezine publishers is holidays; they are a true gift because they can provide an overall theme, a topic, graphics, as well as content. They can add a little spice to your usual, consistent branded newsletter. The best part is that most ofrepparttar 124216 holiday content is free, and it doesnít have to be in your industry or on your specific newsletter topic.

There are countless holidays to choose from, with varying lengths- Motherís Day, Book Week, American Heart Month.

A common holiday theme is Halloween, which many publishers use as an excuse to add a fun graphic to their ezine. Itís an easy one because Halloween images exist in most clip art collections, many can be found online for free as well as for purchase; custom graphics are always an option. Halloween is a fun holiday that brings outrepparttar 124217 kid in all of us, and is universal enough that no one would question its appearance in an ezine on almost any subject.

Stepping out ofrepparttar 124218 box, when it comes to use of a holiday theme, American Heart Month provides a good example. This holiday is an obvious choice for a fitness trainer or nutritionist, but can be a great topic for other businesses like an accounting firm.

A few ways in which our sample holiday can provide newsletter content:

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