Need A Sales Boost – Try These!

Written by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

The telephone is stillrepparttar best and most effective way to reach people. It can help generate more sales and build your business. Unfortunately most people don’t likerepparttar 127232 telephone and don’t use it effectively. In order to become more proficient usingrepparttar 127233 telephone, you need to follow some basic guidelines and then practice, practice and then practice some more.

Like everything else, selling by usingrepparttar 127234 telephone has changed overrepparttar 127235 years. The hard sell approach doesn’t cut it today. With voice mail, answering machines, tele-zappers, and caller IDrepparttar 127236 old fashion way doesn’t work any longer.

If you are selling a high end product, trying to do it all onrepparttar 127237 first call doesn’t work. You need to go through a couple of stages to get your end result –repparttar 127238 sale. First you need to introduce yourself. Tell them about you, your business and your product. Next try to set up an appointment to go into further detail. Or maybe send some information before calling again. Moving one step at a time givesrepparttar 127239 customer time to become familiar with you and your product. It also gives your customer time to realize how important your product is to them.

You need to be confident and positive. As we have told many of our students, if you don’t feel like getting onrepparttar 127240 phones – don’t. That negativity and lack of enthusiasm is going to come through onrepparttar 127241 telephone. Many years ago when I was working in corporate America as a receptionist my supervisor told me to always answerrepparttar 127242 telephone with a smile on. That smile carried over intorepparttar 127243 impressionrepparttar 127244 caller received when contacting a company.

So be sure that a positive attitude comes through . Remember,repparttar 127245 old adage, “you must first sell yourself, then sell your product”.

Also of utmost importance is to know what you want to say. If you use a script, have it handy, but don’t just read it. I can tell immediately when a call I get is being read from a script. Write down an opening statement (for example, Hi , my name is Susan from Home Business Solutions. I’m calling aboutrepparttar 127246 home you have for sale. Are yourepparttar 127247 person to speak with? What’s your name?). Make notes of points you need to cover. Practice saying what you want to say until it comes naturally. Be sure you make strong statements. Avoidrepparttar 127248 words: maybe, could, but.

You also need to know your product. You have to perceive its value before you can convince someone else. You have to know what it does, how it works, and be able to describe it in terms thatrepparttar 127249 layman can understand. You also need to explainrepparttar 127250 benefits of your product.

Headlines Bring Sales--Where and How to Use Them

Written by Judy Cullins

Headlines Bring Sales--Where and How to Use Them Judy Cullins c. 2003 All Rights Reserved

Headlines are short vital statements to stimulate your potential customers and clients to take action. That means sales! Since you only have 10 seconds to attract your visitor or reader, create headlines to make ultimate sales.

Your benefit-driven headlines are your 24/7 sales team working for your while you relax your favorite way.

Without them, your ezine ads, email promotions, special reports, eBooks, book and article titles, chapter titles, ezines and print newsletters, and Web site will not pull visitor attention, trust, credibility, traffic or sales.

Headlines bring far more sales thanrepparttar copy following them. Perhaps you are a skimmer too. Skimmers usually just readrepparttar 127231 headline.

How to Use Headlines


Many businesses write ads and place them in strategic ezines or Web sites. They lose contacts and sales because they don't use a benefit-driven headline atrepparttar 127232 top ofrepparttar 127233 ad. For instance, "YOU CAN WRITE A PROFITABLE BOOK IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS! or HIGH TRAFFIC=HIGH WEB SALES."

Start withrepparttar 127234 benefit in capital letters. Make a free offer to get people to visit your Web site. Include contact information in hyper links. Make your ad 5-7 lines. Don't pitch what you are selling inrepparttar 127235 ad--this doesn't motivate.


Make sure your headline includes a benefit forrepparttar 127236 product,repparttar 127237 teleclass,repparttar 127238 seminar or service you are promoting.Over 50% of outgoing messages are never opened becauserepparttar 127239 subject line doesn't inspire or stimulaterepparttar 127240 audiences' curiosity.

So many professionals just put an announcement inrepparttar 127241 subject line such as "Upcoming Programs." Not specific enough, nor motivating enough to make me want to openrepparttar 127242 email.

Here's a few winners: Quadruple your Sales in 4 Months with Articles Teleclass, FREE report: Online Marketing is 10 Times More Powerful than Traditional, or for an ezine, don't just put its name in subject line, put its feature article in with a abbreviated ezine name and ....


These 2-6 page informational, how-to pieces help promote your business Online. Send one every month or so to follow up your email group lists.

Your article title is your headline. Best titles include a benefit and audience. People want to know what's in for them before they invest their valuable time to read it. Don't lose them with a weak title. Which of these are powerful? "10 Tips to Promote your Product with Flyers." "Shorten your Journey to Business Success with Teleclasses." "Want a Web Site that Turns Lookie Loos into Buyers?"

Withinrepparttar 127243 body ofrepparttar 127244 piece use headlines to inspire and motiverepparttar 127245 reader to keep reading to get their questions answered. The reason they read your article is to learn how to solve their problem. Headlines organize and guide your reader to make it easy for him/her to read. With appreciation for your useful article they may click on your product or service to buy you offer in your signature file atrepparttar 127246 bottom.

Within "The BIG 3 Marketing Machine" report, this headline pulls reader action: "Leverage your Sales Through a Short Headline."


Your eBook or print book title is an example of a headline. With only 4-8 seconds to impress, make sure it sizzles withrepparttar 127247 number one benefit and your preferred audience included

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