Need A Job To Call Your Own?

Written by Kathy Thompson

How did you choose your job? Are you satisfied with your career choice? "It is my mission to help people findrepparttar career they can call their own." Stated Career Coach Kathy Thompson.

After years of working inrepparttar 125563 wrong jobs, Thompson now helps people find themselves andrepparttar 125564 career they were "born" to. "It's so frustrating going from job to job and finding something missing. It was never right. It was never satisfying or fulfilling."

To save others from going throughrepparttar 125565 same thing, Thompson developedrepparttar 125566 "Career4U Profile".

The "Career4U Profile" is a three part system; The Survey, Your Assets, and Mirror, Mirror onrepparttar 125567 Wall. What makes it so unique is Thompson's use of physiognomy(face reading) to determinerepparttar 125568 personality andrepparttar 125569 career that matches it.

Six Easy Ways to Protect Your Privacy

Written by Myrtle Welch

Are you concerned aboutrepparttar expanded capability that exist to collect, store and use data about our personal, financial and Medical histories? Here are a few ways to help protect your Privacy.

1. Credit Records Get a copy of your credit report at least once a year. Check for inaccuracies and correct mistakes before you apply for a job, credit or insurance. Three major credit reporting systems are Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. Negative information must be re-verified within 30 days after your request orrepparttar 125562 error will be remove from your file. Go to `Online Resources' and look under Consumer Law for contact information.

2. Medical Records Ask for a copy of your file fromrepparttar 125563 Medical Information Bureau . Information from this data bank is shared by insurers and helps them guard against fraud. Verifyrepparttar 125564 accuracy and completeness of your records with your healthcare provider. The address forrepparttar 125565 MBI is atrepparttar 125566 website.

3. Incentive Programs Provide only necessary information on incentive, rebate and warranty program forms. This data can be used to create mailing lists that are then sold to marketers. Returning warranty cards is beneficial so manufacturers can warn you about product warnings and recalls. Request in writing to opt out of any of their marketing programs.

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