Necessary Ingredients to Transformation

Written by Sebastian

Urge for Wholeness, Love of Truth You might think this goes without saying, but many people are content to live withinrepparttar social norms and pursue happiness through acquisition or fame or power etc. In other words, "love ofrepparttar 122397 world". If you find yourself longing for something more, something deeper, something real, then this quality is operative in you and you simply need to honor it. If you do not feel a longing for completion, why are you reading this? This flame of longing for Reality, Truth & Wholeness isrepparttar 122398 field that containsrepparttar 122399 ‘pearl of great value’. Be ready to ‘sell everything else’ to buy it. Allow it to be your guide. Express it through your actions and endeavors. Tired? At some point in your journey you may find yourself saying: "Enough already!" Or, "I need a rest". I think this is to be expected and may be related torepparttar 122400 need to gather more energy (see below). But it could also be complacency or indulgence. Cultivatingrepparttar 122401 Love of Truth orrepparttar 122402 Urge to Wholeness may serve to wake you out of an unconscious indulgent sleepiness. If you find yourself becoming spiritually lazy, using Inquiry & Radical Honesty can help. (see below) Seeingrepparttar 122403 truth about our motivations will ‘set us free’. The less resistance,repparttar 122404 sooner it can work. Basic Trust, Faith, Courage Transformation is change. Genuine Awakening involves changes on all levels of our lives. Weatheringrepparttar 122405 insecurities & turmoil of a constantly changing sense of self and our perception ofrepparttar 122406 world requires some kind of anchor or stabilizing influence. We must find a resource within to get throughrepparttar 122407 storms of emotional turbulence, mental confusion and possibly disconcerting energetic releases. If we lack this quality, what can we do? Boiled down and simplified? Turn Around! Almost every human directs most of their energy towards resisting or avoiding painful feelings or situations and seeking secure or ‘pleasurable’ ones. One thing most haven’t tried is to Stop Resisting! Accept Chaos. Open up to and fully experience negativity and darkness. Onrepparttar 122408 other side of chaos is a new level of peace. To radical?

OK, more compassionately… Are you stuck in a place where you value security and stability? Is it blocking your ability to seek Truth or accept what is Real? You probably need to do some work on healing your wounded child, desensitizing your narcissistic reactivity & neediness. The 'holding environment' you experienced as a very young child has a lot to do with how well you can trustrepparttar 122409 universe to sustain you. All types of Emotional Clearing work can help you gain more trust. You could find a spiritual teacher you can totally trust and allow that person to guide you through periods of turmoil. Using a symbol such as Jesus,repparttar 122410 Holy Spirit or Buddha or a Higher Power can help you get through rough times during contemplation when you are uncovering disturbing aspects of your ego at work. Symbols such as these are repositories for a higher Truth. If we cannot find basic trust in our own being, we can reach out and Trustrepparttar 122411 Symbol that represents this Truth. This can work for certain people who have enough trust to place inrepparttar 122412 symbol inrepparttar 122413 first place. This is how faith works. Using any kind of method or system that involves projection can breed dependence which must also eventually be overcome. If you cannot muster enough trust in a symbolic representation, you can begin to change your perceptions through many types of therapy where you are guided closely by a professional. Energy & Stamina Inrepparttar 122414 'Teachings of Don Juan', Carlos Castaneda’s mentor told him that a warrior's most important task early on isrepparttar 122415 gathering of power (energy). This can be done in many ways on a few different levels. Basically, I see four main categories: 1. Physical (the body). Hatha Yoga is a first rate method. Aerobics can help a lot to increase endorphins. 2. Mental (contemplative). You gain mental energy or power when your conflicting beliefs are resolved. Mindfulness practice reduces chaos. 3. Emotional / Energetic. Emotional clearing (again) Practices like Tai Chi & Reiki etc. harmonize your energy system. 4. Spiritual. Spiritual 'energy' is transformative energy itself. When you rest fully inrepparttar 122416 Ground of Being or Stillness (as in deep meditation)repparttar 122417 process of evolutionary transformation is taken to a new level.

What is Feng Shui, and How Does It Work?

Written by Stephanie Roberts

Feng shui (say "fung shway"), often calledrepparttar art of placement, could just as accurately be called "the art of flow." This ancient Chinese practice, literally translated as "wind" and "water," aims to maximizerepparttar 122396 beneficial movement of chi--the universal life force present in all things--through an environment.

Just as fresh air and clean water nourish our bodies, so does fresh, clean chi nourish our homes and our lives. Whenrepparttar 122397 flow of chi through our space is blocked, weak, or misdirected, our relationships, cash flow, creativity, health, and career can suffer. Chi wants to meander gracefully through a space, like a gentle breeze or a winding stream. When it flows too strongly, it becomes like a hurricane or flood. We are likely to feel tossed about by winds of change, unstable, prone to crises, struggling to "keep our heads above water." Where chi is blocked it becomes stale and stagnant, like a pond choked with algae and fallen leaves. We may feel tired, run down, depressed, unable to focus, hampered in our efforts to move forward in our lives.

In a corporate environment, poor feng shui can result in miscommunication between managers and employees, conflicts among team members, and lack of support for key initiatives. Individuals may be overlooked for promotions or deserved raises, suffer damage to their reputation inrepparttar 122398 company, or even lose their job. The company may have difficulty attracting or keeping key customers.

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