Nature's Prescription for Optimal Health and Longevity

Written by Hermine D. Carbo

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“Nature’s prescription for optimal health and longevity”

UNION, NEW JERSEY - August 27, 2001 - One ofrepparttar most important discoveries in biochemistry regarding howrepparttar 117737 body maintains health atrepparttar 117738 cellular level may have been made by a Research and Development Company, who, in 1996 introduced their unique products and subsequently filed for patents.

Glycoscience,repparttar 117739 research about glyconutrients, - foods containing specific sugars that heal - goes back a number of years. The technology is so significant that it is vital for everyone to learn about it simply because it changes lives. These glyconutrients supply THE essential sugars (monosaccharides) that scientists have identified as an absolute requirement for proper cell structure and optimal functioning. Without these nutrients,repparttar 117740 body simply cannot function at its best. The skyrocketing numbers of people suffering or dying from autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart disease and cancer is so alarming that change in our traditional healthcare system is inevitable.

I was first introduced to this technology in 1999, at a time when my body still had not entirely “recovered” from an accident that occurred to me 10 years earlier. I got hit by a car, which resulted in injuries torepparttar 117741 spine, head, and internal organs. Having always been healthy up untilrepparttar 117742 time ofrepparttar 117743 accident, I was shocked that I was now prone to colds, infection, gastro-intestinal problems, migraine headaches and chronic backpain, often so severe that I felt as if I was on automatic pilot, barely getting through daily life at home, let alone my work. Constantly living in pain and taking prescription medications that seemed to “suppress” my symptoms rather than resolving them made me feel depressed and disillusioned. I no longer enjoyed my life and felt, instead, that life was just passing me by.

Setting up an Internet Business? Consider Drop Shipping

Written by June Campbell

You've tried affiliate programs, but you'd like higher profits and more control over your business. You don't have your own products and you don't want to manage an inventory. Drop shipping might be your answer.

Mail order businesses have used drop-shipping arrangements successfully for decades. While this method of order fulfillment is not yet well known onrepparttar Internet,repparttar 117736 potential is excellent.

It works like this.

You set up a drop shipping account with a manufacturer or wholesaler. Next, you generate orders for their products, establishingrepparttar 117737 retail price yourself. When an order is placed, you forwardrepparttar 117738 sale information torepparttar 117739 supplier. The supplier fulfillsrepparttar 117740 order, sending it torepparttar 117741 customer with your business name onrepparttar 117742 label.You remitrepparttar 117743 wholesale price ofrepparttar 117744 item torepparttar 117745 supplier.

The benefits are obvious. You keep no inventory and, since you set your own selling price, you are likely to make higher profits than you would make as an affiliate. You might, in fact, set up your own affiliate program and enlist affiliates to market your merchandise.

Drop shipping arrangements also give yourepparttar 117746 ability to establish small, low-cost web sites that are targeted to niche markets. These little sites also make it easy for you to test and promote various products. If a product doesn't sell well online, it's an easy matter to removerepparttar 117747 web site -- or leave it up, since costs are low.

Considerrepparttar 117748 following:

You Need a Legal Business Entity To operate a drop shipping business, you must be a legitimately registered business. Inrepparttar 117749 US, you will need a State Tax ID number. Residents of other countries must determinerepparttar 117750 requirements in their locale.

Sales Taxes US residents are responsible for collecting taxes from their own state and fromrepparttar 117751 state ofrepparttar 117752 drop shipper (if applicable). In some states, gross sales must be reported torepparttar 117753 state and county for business licenses. Residents of other countries will need to check local requirements for taxation and reporting.

Your Internet Store You will need a web site, shopping cart software, and a means of processing financial transactions. In most cases, this means having a Merchant Account. Typically, when a customer makes a purchase, you handlerepparttar 117754 transaction via credit card, then forwardrepparttar 117755 order torepparttar 117756 supplier for fulfillment. You, in turn, payrepparttar 117757 supplier forrepparttar 117758 item via credit card transaction. You might arrange payment by individual item or by a net 30 invoice. Research your Drop Shipping Company Do your homework and researchrepparttar 117759 company before you sign contracts. Here are some questions to ask:

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