"Nature's Fireworks" - A Beginner's Guide to OPAL - Part 6/7 Valuing Opals and Opal Dictionary

Written by Stuart Bazga

In this,repparttar final instalment, we learn what factors are involved when determiningrepparttar 149336 value of an Opal andrepparttar 149337 meanings behind some of those terms used throughout my 7 part series.

Valuing Opals

When determiningrepparttar 149338 value of an opal, several factors are involved:

Type of opal


Base colour

Fire colour

Colour pattern

Brightness of fire

Background (base) Colour:

Solid precious opal is more valuable than a doublet or triplet, and black opal is more valuable than boulder opal, and so forth. The darkerrepparttar 149339 body colour,repparttar 149340 more valuablerepparttar 149341 gem.

Fire Colour:

The clarity ofrepparttar 149342 opals colour is critical when determiningrepparttar 149343 value ofrepparttar 149344 opal. Opal is graded according to its colour, with red fire beingrepparttar 149345 most rare, followed by green/orange, green/blue, blue, and finally, purple. However, brilliance and clarity of colour, along with proportional pattern arerepparttar 149346 main decision makers; a brilliant blue/green opal can cost more than a dull red. An opal displaying a bright “pinfire” pattern can cost more than a cloudy open pattern of similar colouration.

Colour Pattern:

Nearly all opal displays some type of pattern, with no two opals being alike.

The various patterns are:


The most prized of all nice patterns and its name is derived from its likeness to floral dress material.


Closely resembles a mass of pinheads in different colours.

Mobile rolling Flash:

Consists of one colour, which travels across part of or all ofrepparttar 149347 stone as it is moved.

Palette Pattern:

Asrepparttar 149348 name suggests, resembles an artist’s palette.


Opal should be free from cracks and flaws.



Agitator: Modified cement mixer used to wash dirt away

from precious opal.

Boulder Opal: Formed in cavities and cracks of Ironstone,

usually from Queensland, Australia.

Black Opal: Naturally occurring solid opal with a coloured

face and black backing.

Blower: A large truck mounted vacuum cleaner used to

suck dirt torepparttar 149349 surface.

Cabochon: The rounded surface of a cut stone.

Crystal: Transparent/translucent opal.


Written by Jim Norrena

Online learning continues to evolve as a valuable way for people everywhere to increase their knowledge base and skills, both personally and professionally. Sometimes referred to as “distance learning” or “e-learning,” online learning is quickly becoming a favorite option for students interested in furthering their education. In fact, a recent study conducted byrepparttar Sloan Consortium and Babson College confirms that 2.6 million students are currently enrolled in online learning courses, a 24.8% increase over last year. Atrepparttar 149335 same time,repparttar 149336 survey also reveals that more and more “traditional” colleges and universities plan on offering some sort of online component to their curriculum overrepparttar 149337 coming months and year.

Online learning has proven itself to be a path to success – but how does one assure a successful online learning experience?


The primary difference between online and traditional classroom courses isrepparttar 149338 method of delivery. Online learning covers a wide range of potential formats – from live, real-time webcasts and interactive workshops, to traditional 12-week instructor-led courses to self-contained software inrepparttar 149339 form of CDs or downloadable PDF, Quicktime or Flash files. Decidingrepparttar 149340 best format for you will help you getrepparttar 149341 most out of your education.

Choose Your Format

The first thing to consider is: are you looking for an environment where you interact with an instructor and your fellow students? Or, are you interested in gettingrepparttar 149342 information and studying privately - on your own? Or something in between? Do you want a fully-structured course or program, including exams and projects, or do you want to just getrepparttar 149343 information and run with it?

The answer depends on what you are studying and why. If you are a salesperson, and you have a pitch to make on Monday to a major cellular company, it may make sense on Friday to download a three hour course onrepparttar 149344 basics of cellular technology plus an overview course onrepparttar 149345 global telecommunications industry, and plow through it all on a single afternoon. By Monday, you’ll sound like an expert. Onrepparttar 149346 other hand, if you are a designer who is revamping your portfolio, you may prefer a 12-week project-oriented course with a lot of teacher and peer interaction and feedback. A couple who is planning to buy their first home may want to “attend” a two-Saturday, live online seminar for first time home buyers, where they haverepparttar 149347 option of asking an expert specific questions about their situation. An executive looking to earn an M.B.A. may want a combination of online and “on-ground” (in a real classroom) courses.

Keep in mind that every online delivery format is utilized differently on your end, and should be chosen to suit your particular needs.

Collect Information aboutrepparttar 149348 Course and its Instructor Up Front

You will probably find several online courses and/or programs that appear to coverrepparttar 149349 same subject area. How do you choose between them? Start by getting as much information as you can aboutrepparttar 149350 courses, programs and instructors before you sign up.

Read each individual course description and syllabus carefully to see if a particular course fits your needs. Pay attention to what is required on your end: a broadband connection? specific software applications? Instant messaging?

Readrepparttar 149351 instructor’s bio –repparttar 149352 long version, if there is one. Googlerepparttar 149353 instructor to see what else he or she has done, who they are associated with, awards or recognitions they may have received, and what else they may have published elsewhere. Is this someone who knows what they are teaching? Are they truly an expert? Are they someone you can learn from that you’d like to interact with as a student?

Look intorepparttar 149354 specifics of howrepparttar 149355 course orrepparttar 149356 program is delivered and what’s expected from students. Are there a mid-terms and final exams? Are you expected to upload exercises into a discussion board for your fellow students to see? Will you need to complete a final project?

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