Natural Health Secrets

Written by Sanjib Ahmad

I don't like to take off-the-counter drugs for common illnesses like colds, headaches or stomach upsets. I have always relied on natural remedies like honey for stomach upsets or lemon tea for colds and good old sleep for headaches.

I think that natural remedies are not only safe but also healthy forrepparttar body inrepparttar 150042 long-term. Though antibiotics and drugs are highly effective inrepparttar 150043 short-term, they can take its toll onrepparttar 150044 body if taken year after year. After many years of drug administration,repparttar 150045 dosage loses potent and has to be increased in order to be effective.

Whereas natural medicine has no long-term side affects at all. Natural medicine only focuses on balancingrepparttar 150046 elements in our bodies. The theory behind most natural medicine is that it acts as a facilitator forrepparttar 150047 body to cure itself. The body itself hasrepparttar 150048 cure forrepparttar 150049 disease.

There are various disciplines of natural medicines. Every race and region has its own variation of natural medicines butrepparttar 150050 principle isrepparttar 150051 same. Use natural ingredients to restore and helprepparttar 150052 natural antibodies ofrepparttar 150053 body to fightrepparttar 150054 disease.

I came across a site onrepparttar 150055 Internet that lists as much as 500 such natural remedies. It is Chet Day's 500 Years of Natural Health Secrets. The remedies were also fun to read because ofrepparttar 150056 historical context it provided.

Diet Smart – Walk Away From Your Plate

Written by Robb Ksiazek

For so many people, myself included, walking away without finishing what I have on my plate can be difficult. To begin with, we were raised to clean up our plate, right? We weren’t allowed to have dessert until all our meat, vegetables and potatoes were gone…and that has resonated in our minds since childhood.

The truth is that you don’t have to clean your plate – especially, when you’re dieting and not dishingrepparttar portions. Take home leftovers and eat themrepparttar 150012 next day – or simply throw them away – it is ok! Think about it, they are better off inrepparttar 150013 trash bin than around your waist. Restaurants feel thatrepparttar 150014 largerrepparttar 150015 portions,repparttar 150016 better deal they are giving people. Portions have just gotten completely out of control in recent years. Who needs a three-quarter pound hamburger, fries and a big soda anyway? You’re fine with just a third of that!

If you are eating at home, put less on your plate than you are accustomed to. You’ll be surprised that if you finish it, clean uprepparttar 150017 kitchen, and go about your business, you won’t haverepparttar 150018 hunger you may think.

Most people find that when they don’t overeat – which is normally what happens when they eat a full meal at dinnertime – they feel more energetic, have less indigestion, sleep better, and don’t gain weight. If you are not convinced, just try it for yourself – see what a difference it can make to not finish your meal for a while. This time, our Moms and Dads weren’t right – we don’t have to clean our plates.

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