Native American jewelry - The Southwest

Written by Tarl Michael

For several years, I have hadrepparttar fortunate opportunity to be a purchasing agent for Bearlanders Native American Indian jewelry & gifts. I have enjoyedrepparttar 149179 Southwest forrepparttar 149180 past 47 years and I would like to bring a part of that experience to you.

The American Southwest has some ofrepparttar 149181 most unusual and beautiful sites in America. You will find awe inrepparttar 149182 whether worn walls ofrepparttar 149183 Grand Canyon, (Arizona) and beautiful red sandstone in Zion (Utah). Since earth’s creation,repparttar 149184 wind andrepparttar 149185 water have carved beauty inrepparttar 149186 landscape,repparttar 149187 likes of which no man could duplicate. Valleys so deep, you could fitrepparttar 149188 tallest skyscraper. With just about every color imaginable, blues, reds, greens, browns and purples scattered thoughrepparttar 149189 sides ofrepparttar 149190 cliff walls. You see trees (scrub pine) growing outrepparttar 149191 side ofrepparttar 149192 canyon walls, hanging on by only 1/2-inch roots. One could question how or why they exist there. There is water running through many ofrepparttar 149193 canyons year round. With paths and trails to be hiked by all ages. For a rock collector, you could fill your pockets until your pants fell down. Or until your back grew so tired fromrepparttar 149194 weight ofrepparttar 149195 backpack filled with magnificent little treasures. No doubtrepparttar 149196 national park service doesn’t condon filling your pockets or backpack with rocks. Butrepparttar 149197 west is vast and there are many little jagged treasures to be found.

The Mogillion rim is located roughly half way between Phoenix and Flagstaff and is every bit as inspiring asrepparttar 149198 Grand Canyon. Located near Strawberry (Arizona), overlookingrepparttar 149199 Mogillion,repparttar 149200 rich, thick forest resembles a beautiful dark green carpet. Using your imagination, you can picture many places a cowboy could hide from hostile Indians. Better yet, picturerepparttar 149201 beauty of vast plateau's and deep gorge's where Indians, Soldiers and Cowboys alike, ofrepparttar 149202 1700, 1800 and early1900's traveled and made camp. When thinking ofrepparttar 149203 southwest many only picture desert and scorching heat. Not so in this beautiful high country. No doubtrepparttar 149204 temperature never reachesrepparttar 149205 low 80's. When you hearrepparttar 149206 word Arizona or American southwest, you no longer need to imagine desert, tumble weeds, snakes and unbearable heat. Now picture rich green forests, cool weather andrepparttar 149207 skies at night filled with so many stars it would take a lifetime to count them all. While watchingrepparttar 149208 stars, you will still hearrepparttar 149209 howls ofrepparttar 149210 coyote calling torepparttar 149211 night sky. Inrepparttar 149212 southwest and Arizona you will still find American Indians, not with bow and arrow in hand, but selling their handcrafted goods at road side rest stops. The American Indians have been crafting jewelry, pottery and carved items for centuries, an art that has been passed down from generation to generation.

How One Word Or Even One Letter Can Boost Conversion Rates By Over 400%!

Written by Eric Graham

Recently I was reviewingrepparttar keyword specific conversion rate data of a consulting client of mine. I have been working with this client for a few months now, helping her improverepparttar 149178 sales conversion rate of her website and we have had very good results, taking average conversion rates at her site from below 1% to just over 4.3%.

(Your sales conversion rate is simplyrepparttar 149179 number of unique visitors your site receives vs.repparttar 149180 number of sales you make. If you have 3 sales for every 100 visits your conversion rate is 3%.)

Now, one ofrepparttar 149181 keys to improving conversion rates is to continually test and measure every detail of your website, marketing and traffic. While reviewingrepparttar 149182 data from one of her Google Adwords campaigns I stumbled across a few hard to explain results that perfectly illustraterepparttar 149183 very large effect small differences can have on conversion rates.

The keyword “piano lessons” had a conversion rate overrepparttar 149184 last 30 days of 5.09%. The keyword “piano lesson” had a conversion rate of only 1.64%. Both of these keywords hadrepparttar 149185 exact same Adwords title and description,repparttar 149186 same average position inrepparttar 149187 search results andrepparttar 149188 exact same landing page on my clients website. The only variable is one letter inrepparttar 149189 keyword… an “s”. Lesson vs. Lessons. That’s it! Yetrepparttar 149190 plural version ofrepparttar 149191 keyword (piano lessons) out soldrepparttar 149192 singular version (piano lesson) by over 300%!

Another key phrase that had an even larger variation was “how to playrepparttar 149193 piano” vs. “how to play a piano”. Common sense would say that these two phrases would convert almost identically… Wrong.

Again, with identical titles, descriptions and landing pages, “How to playrepparttar 149194 piano” converted at 5.92%, while “How to play a piano” only converted at 1.42%. That is a whopping 417% difference between “a” and “the”!

Short-term variations and fluctuations inrepparttar 149195 conversion rates of individual keywords or landing pages are common. However,repparttar 149196 data on both of these keyword pairs was measured over a full 30 days and several thousand clicks for each keyword. I don’t have any easy answers why adding an “s” to a key phrase or changing an “a” to “the” caused such a difference in conversion rates.

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