National Pet Memorial Day, September 11, 2005

Written by Lee Guttentag

What Is National Pet Memorial Day?

The International Association of Pet Cemeteries (IAPC) has designatedrepparttar second Sunday in September as National Pet Memorial Day, a day set aside to remember our departed animal friends.

Special events such as open houses and remembrance ceremonies are held at many pet cemeteries. A national listing of events can be found at

Your cherished pet will always have a special place in your heart, no matter how you choose to remember your departed friend. Below we list several ideas:

• Participate in online memorials and ceremonies or have one by your pet’s favorite place.

• Immortalize your pet in glass byrepparttar 143345 artist’s at Stones of Glass

• Put a paw print in clay that will harden with your pets name and date as a keepsake.

The Power Of Dogs

Written by Eva Sanchez

Well first of all I was always a cat owner, till my husband bought our first Chihuahua (Stitch) in 2002, Stitch was about 6 weeks old and was generally purchased for our children and it stud that was till he was about 5 months or so. Then I started to notice that he was starting to favor me and follow me around more and more everyday, one day I hid from him and watched him run up and downrepparttar hallway fromrepparttar 143317 crack inrepparttar 143318 bedroom door, until he found me and it just melted my heart, my cats never did that and after that he became ALL MINE Stitch stole my heart. Around a month later my mother handed down her old sewing machine to me, I tried making everything that came to mind but nothing ever turned out perfect, but I kept sewing anyways.

Shortly after I got my sewing machine my sister in-law gave me a little dog shirt that she had found on clearance at Walmart and I looked at this little thing and said “ this would be a piece of cake to make” and that very night I began working on little shirts for Stitch. It was a very exciting challenge andrepparttar 143319 results were outstanding! Stitch always had a new shirt for every occasion, then one day that same sister in-law told me that I should try selling my dog shirts on eBay. So about a month later I did as a matter of fact it I listed my first item on my birthday, at that time dog clothes on eBay was only about 3 pages long so no matter what I listed, it always sold. Stitch became my right hand man, and tested and modeled all of my creations and never complained. We had such a close bond that I understood him and knew what he wanted by just looking at him and he always understood what I told him and sometimes it would just blow me away.

None of my items would sell for over about $10 but that was a lot for me and I was proud, eventually I started making dog dresses, it took some fine tuning but I finally gotrepparttar 143320 pattern right. So asrepparttar 143321 months passed Stitch became my best friend, my companion and a very close member of my family, we were inseparable and I never left him home. Meanwhile had found success on eBay butrepparttar 143322 dog clothes section was starting to grow more every week, competition was getting rough and some of my listings were ending without bids. I started to be more creative and put more effort into my clothes and do a lot of research on what kind of dog clothes people were looking for so I started to study websites that sold small dog clothes and found out that dog clothes like mine were selling for twice as much withoutrepparttar 143323 haste of re-listing and fees.

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