National Pet Memorial Day, September 11, 2005

Written by Lee Guttentag

National Pet Memorial Day, September 11, 2005

What Is National Pet Memorial Day?

The International Association of Pet Cemeteries (IAPC) has designatedrepparttar second Sunday in September as National Pet Memorial Day, a day set aside to remember our departed animal friends.

Special events such as open houses and remembrance ceremonies are held at many pet cemeteries. A national listing of events can be found at

Your cherished pet will always have a special place in your heart, no matter how you choose to remember your departed friend. Below we list several ideas:

•Participate in online memorials and ceremonies or have one by your pet’s favorite place. •Immortalize your pet in glass byrepparttar 143127 artist’s at Stones of Glass •Put a paw print in clay that will harden with your pets name and date as a keepsake.

How to Housebreak Your Dog or Puppy

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

Dogs are creatures of habit; and once they develop a habit, breaking it can be a long, frustrating process. Your dog needs guidance and encouragement from you to develop a toilet habit you can live with. Animal behaviorists have learned a lot about dogs overrepparttar last couple of decades, and there are many tips available that will make housebreaking your dog or puppy a less frustrating task.

When you consider some ofrepparttar 142851 things your dog or puppy is willing to roll in, or put in their mouth, it's a bit hard to believe they're picky and specific about their toilet areas. Dogs will go to great lengths to avoid soiling near where they eat and/or sleep. That means any accidents an un-housebroken dog has will be far from its food dish and bed. To a dog, however, "far" can mean about 6-10 feet. This leaves lots of "fair game" space in your home, unless you guiderepparttar 142852 dog to suitable spots.

Whether your dog is a puppy, or an adult dog new to your home,repparttar 142853 process isrepparttar 142854 same: - Every few hours, takerepparttar 142855 dog outside to a place you designate as a "bathroom" area. - 30 minutes afterrepparttar 142856 dog or puppy eats, dorepparttar 142857 same. - Stay in this bathroom area, and praiserepparttar 142858 dog lavishly when they relieve themselves. - Ifrepparttar 142859 dog doesn't userepparttar 142860 bathroom when you've taken them outside torepparttar 142861 appropriate spot, try again 15 minutes later. Continue doing this until they've actually usedrepparttar 142862 bathroom spot. - Whenrepparttar 142863 dog is inside, watch closely for any signs of needing to "go". A dog will circle and sniff areas when they're about to relieve themselves.

How quickly your dog becomes housebroken depends partly on their personality, but mostly on your diligence in taking them outside atrepparttar 142864 right time. If your puppy is less than four months old, you should plan on getting up duringrepparttar 142865 night to take it outside. Puppies over four months of age can usually "hold it" throughrepparttar 142866 night, but if your dog cries to be let out, it is best to get up and let them tend torepparttar 142867 urge. It is vital that you give your dog every chance to succeed during this time. Positive reinforcement ofrepparttar 142868 proper behavior isrepparttar 142869 fastest way to teach your dog anything.

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