Nation Branding and Place Marketing - The Place

Written by Sam Vaknin

IV. The Place

Some countries are geographically disadvantaged. Recent studies have demonstrated how being landlocked or having a tropical climate carry a hefty price tag in terms of reduced economic growth. These unfavorable circumstances can be described as "natural discounts" to a country's price.

What can be done to overcome such negative factor endowments?

In classical microeconomics,repparttar element of "place" inrepparttar 143763 marketing plan used to refer torepparttar 143764 locus of delivery ofrepparttar 143765 product or service. Well intorepparttar 143766 19th century,repparttar 143767 "place" was identical torepparttar 143768 region whererepparttar 143769 product was manufactured orrepparttar 143770 service rendered. In other words, textiles weaved in India were rarely sold in Britain. American accountants were unlikely to practice in Russia. Distribution was a local affair and networks of dissemination and marketing were geographically confined.

A host of historical and technological developments drastically alteredrepparttar 143771 scene and frayedrepparttar 143772 straitjacket of geography.

The violent disintegration ofrepparttar 143773 old system of geopolitical alliances led torepparttar 143774 formation of massive, multiplayer trading blocs within which and among whichrepparttar 143775 movement of goods and, increasingly, services is friction-free.

The vast increase inrepparttar 143776 world's population - matched byrepparttar 143777 exponential rise in purchasing power - created a global marketplace of unprecedented wealth and a corresponding hunger for goods and services. The triumph of liberal capitalism compounded this beneficial effect.

The advent of mass media, mass transport, and mass communications reduced transaction costs and barriers to entry. The world shrank to become a veritable "global village".

Are PopIns better than Banners or PopUnders?

Written by John Iacovakis

Inrepparttar past, website directories, online classifieds, safe lists and banner ads were all terrific ways to obtain website traffic. Butrepparttar 143682 Internet is a dynamic medium that is constantly changing. And some methods just haven’t been able to keep up.

On top of that, cost-per-click advertising is costing today’s entrepreneurs as much as several dollars per visitor!

Search engine optimisation is a long-term strategy, costing thousands of dollars (unless you do it yourself) but results are not guaranteed…

Pop Under advertising campaigns are cheap but you have to know how to properly set-up a pop under campaign. In my opinion, PopIn (layer) ads are a terrific (and cheap) way to attractrepparttar 143683 attention of thousands of visitors:

PopIn ads receive a click trough rate of 1% - 2.0% (some popin layer ads receive a CTR of up to 5%)

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