Narciso Rodriguez

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Narciso Rodriguez was born in New Jersey in 1961 to Cuban parents. He studied at Parsons School of Design in New York, and upon graduation worked for designers such as Anne Klein, TSE, and Calvin Klein. His parents were not overly happy that Narciso choose fashion as his career. They would have much rather seen him in something more serious such as architecture.

Whether onrepparttar runway or onrepparttar 137599 red carpet, designer Narciso Rodriguez is in demand. He began is designer career in 1985 as a design assistant for fashion legend Anne Klein. Narciso has a gift for fitting a dress so that it is flattering torepparttar 137600 shape ofrepparttar 137601 woman's body. "It's so fantastic," Narciso says, "to create a frame for a woman's personality and her true beauty."

While working at Calvin Klein Narciso and Carolyn Bessette [later to become Carolyn Kennedy] became best friends. It was Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s wedding dress design that brought Narciso front and center stage inrepparttar 137602 design world. Narciso’s wedding dress design for Carolyn wasrepparttar 137603 buzz aroundrepparttar 137604 world. On September 21, 1996, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy stepped out of church onrepparttar 137605 arm of John F. Kennedy Jr. Women went gaga, literally drooling over Carolyn Bessette Kennedy’s wedding dress.

Carolyn’s wedding dress was made from pure white silk. This simple dress was combined dress elegance, classiness, and sexiness into one knockout package. Woman began to realize a wedding dress could in fact look sexy. This was a whole new concept, never heard of before. For years most women had landed up looking like an overstuffed pilsbury dough boy on their wedding day. Narciso had accomplished in Carolyn’s wedding gown what women thought to be impossible. She had been transformed into this bewitching sexy princess. That look was created by one of her best friends, Narciso Rodriguez. It was Carolyn’s wedding dress that made Narciso’s a household name.

Once word got out who had designedrepparttar 137606 dress, Narciso was in demand by every major designer inrepparttar 137607 world. A dream came true when Narciso joinedrepparttar 137608 house of LMVH. The draw back to this career move was that Narciso spent his life living out of a suitcase with very little time to spend with family and friends which he valued and missed dearly. Narciso pressed on encouraged byrepparttar 137609 idea that he had finally "made it." However, working for a large company can often stifle ones own independent design ideas, and it wasn’t long before Narciso discovered he no longer loved his work.

Sunless Tanning vs Sun Tanning

Written by Estate Jewelry International

With more and more of us understandingrepparttar serious consequences of sun tanning, we are looking for alternatives. Rememberrepparttar 137598 first self tanners that hitrepparttar 137599 shelves many years ago – wella you became instant carrot orange. Well we’ve come along way babe! The new sunless tanning products are much more natural looking than past generations of sunless tanning products.

How do Sunless Tanning Products Work? Your skin is made up of two main layers:repparttar 137600 outer layer calledrepparttar 137601 andrepparttar 137602 inner layer calledrepparttar 137603 dermis. In both normal sun tanning and sunless sun tanningrepparttar 137604 action occurs inrepparttar 137605 epidermis level. The deepest layer ofrepparttar 137606 epidermis is calledrepparttar 137607 stratum basale and this isrepparttar 137608 layer that is affected during normal sun tanning. The stratum corneum isrepparttar 137609 outermost layer ofrepparttar 137610 epidermis and this isrepparttar 137611 layer that is affected by most sunless-tanning products.

In todays market there are several different kinds of sunless-tanning products available. Sincerepparttar 137612 early 1960s people have been able to get their tan from a bottle. Coppertone wasrepparttar 137613 first to hitrepparttar 137614 market with its Quick Tanning Lotion. What it is most remembered for isrepparttar 137615 wonderful carrot orange hue it produced. There have been many advancements in self tanning sincerepparttar 137616 early years. Now adays you can purchase tanning pills, selt tanners, sunless tanners, bronzers, and a host of other similar type products. You can smooth, swipe or spray on a light bronze glow or a deep, dark tan. Most of these products take 45 to 60 minutes to work, and then another couple of hours to dry properly. The most effective sunless or self tanning products containrepparttar 137617 active ingredient DHA [dihydroxyacetone]. DHA is a colorless sugar that interacts withrepparttar 137618 dead cells located inrepparttar 137619 stratum corneum ofrepparttar 137620 epidermis. Asrepparttar 137621 sugar interacts withrepparttar 137622 dead skin cells,repparttar 137623 skin changes color. This changes last from 3 to 7 days, and then you’ll need to reapply. Gels, lotions or sprays that contain DHA are said to berepparttar 137624 most reliable. There are other very good products onrepparttar 137625 market as well, such as tan accelerators that containrepparttar 137626 amino acid tyrosine. Tyrosine stimulates and increasesrepparttar 137627 formation of melanin, thereby acceleratingrepparttar 137628 tanning process. Currently there is no scientific data available to support these claims. Tanning pills contain canthaxanthin, a color additive used in some foods. Canthaxanthin is approved byrepparttar 137629 FDA for food use, but it is not approvedrepparttar 137630 use of it in tanning agents. This is because when it is used as a color additive very small amounts are needed, but when used as a tanning agent much larger quantities are needed. After canthaxanthin is eaten, it is deposited all over your body, including in your skin, which turns an orange-brown colour. These types of tanning pills have been linked to side effects such as hepatitis and canthaxanthin retinopathy. Canthaxanthin retinopathy is a condition in which yellow deposits form inrepparttar 137631 retina ofrepparttar 137632 eye. Bronzers are also very popular. Bronzers come inrepparttar 137633 form of powders or moisturizers. They create an instant tan that can be removed with soap and water. Bronzers are really a line of make-up, because they only tintrepparttar 137634 surface of your skin. If you're going to be outdoors make certain to still use your regular sunscreen protection. Sunless tanning agents do not protect you fromrepparttar 137635 damaging rays ofrepparttar 137636 sun unless they have UVA and UVB protection. Even those products that do contain Your sunless tan will only last as long asrepparttar 137637 colored skin layer remains intact on your body, so moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize some more, because this will slow downrepparttar 137638 shedding process and extendrepparttar 137639 life of your sunless tan. Tanning Mother Natures Way

When you tan, what your melanocytes produce melanin pigment in reaction to ultraviolet light in sunlight which stimulateds melanin production. The pigment is able to absorb UV radiation in sunlight, so it is able to protectrepparttar 137640 cells from UV damage. Melanin production is slow and takes a fair bit of time, which is why people cannot get a sun tan in one day [although there is a small percentage ofrepparttar 137641 population that can]. What you need to do is expose yourself torepparttar 137642 suns UV rays for a short period of time for between 4 to 7 days. By doing this your cells will build up a level of protection. For many races melanin production is continuous, sorepparttar 137643 skin is always pigmented to some degree, so they have a constant protection from UV radiation. Very low cancer rates are seen in these races. Melanocytes produces two different pigments: eumelanin which is brown, and phaeomelanin which is yellow and red. Red-heads produce more phaeomelanin and less eumelanin, which is why they don’t tan well.

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