Naomi And The 5 Life Lessons

Written by Ronnie Kimball

Not long ago, I attended a seminar that featured Naomi Judd, half ofrepparttar legendary country music duo, The Judds. Naomi, with her talented daughter, Wynonna, setrepparttar 141764 standard for country music by selling millions of albums, performing to 'sold out' audiences, and winning numerous awards.

The Judds had just finished a whirlwind reunion tour after a decade of not appearing on stage together. During that time Wynonna pursued a successful career as a solo artist while Naomi recovered from illness. Incidentally, Naomi's youngest daughter, Ashley, isrepparttar 141765 talented actress, one inrepparttar 141766 same.

Naomi talked aboutrepparttar 141767 early days of being a single Mom and raising her 2 daughters and having a dream to "make it" inrepparttar 141768 music business.

She worked as a nurse and actually secured a record deal with a record company executive while a member of his family was a patient.

She said that her daughters didn't always appreciate her disciplinarian ways. In fact,repparttar 141769 girls' favorite saying was, "If it ain't one thing, it's your mother!" But she was disciplining them for what would lie ahead for their futures.

Naomi taught her girls 5 important life lessons:

(1) Change isrepparttar 141770 true nature ofrepparttar 141771 world.

-She insisted that security is superstition. The only true security comes from within.

(2) Choices are sacred.

-You always get to choose. Just learn to question every choice that presents itself in your life.

(3) Honor your intuition, or inner wisdom.

Don't Take Advice From Successful People

Written by Steve Gillman

Do you know whatrepparttar problem is with asking successful people for advice? They don't always know why they are successful - but they'll give you allrepparttar 141501 reasons you want. I once watched an 100-year-old man explain that smoking every day wasrepparttar 141502 secret to his longevity. It would be great to know why he lived so long, but I'm pretty sure we won't learn by asking him.

Don't Listen To Success - Model It

Don't do as they say, but rather do as they do. That isrepparttar 141503 way to learn success fromrepparttar 141504 successful. A wealthy real estate investor once told me he didn't believe in setting goals. Only later inrepparttar 141505 conversation did I realize that he knew just where he expected to be with his projects in six months. That's goal-setting - he just calledrepparttar 141506 process something else.

Don't stop listening to what successful people have to say - but read betweenrepparttar 141507 lines. Look at their words for insight into how they think about things, how they approach their challenges. A successful basketball player might only advise you to practice more, but if he mentions "I saw that going in," after a great shot, start visualizing your shots going in.

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