Naming Your Freelance Home Business

Written by Rachel Goldstein

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If you want to be taken seriously, you will need to name your freelance business. Make sure that your business name reinforcesrepparttar image that you want to project for your company. For example, one of my websites names is You automatically know fromrepparttar 117419 name of this site that it has to do with freelancing. Try to dorepparttar 117420 same thing with your business name. Don't choose a business name that you will have to spend much time on promoting or explaining what it means. If you are a graphic designer, try to use "Studio" or "Creative" or other buzz words inrepparttar 117421 name unless you don't mind clients looking past your company because they aren't quite sure that you are a designer.

My company's name is Deezin Studios. Originally I thought that everyone would understand that "Deezin" was just an intentional misspelling of "Design" but it didn't quite work out that way. I always land up having a 5-minute conversation with clients about my company's name. "How do you pronounce Deezin?" I really don't mind; it is a great icebreaker. But,repparttar 117422 point is that since "Studio" is one ofrepparttar 117423 buzzwords in my business name, clients always know that my company is a design company.

Another thing you want to remember is thatrepparttar 117424 world is categorized forrepparttar 117425 most part alphabetically. Try to choose a name that starts with a number or a beginning alphabet letter. Watch out with numbers though because some directories, including, will categorize byrepparttar 117426 first letter inrepparttar 117427 title. In other words, if you name your business 1Design, would categorize underrepparttar 117428 "D". Since most web surfers don't go pastrepparttar 117429 first search engine results page, it is important to start your name with an A, B, C, or D.

Legal Considerations for Your Home Freelance Biz

Written by Rachel Goldstein

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So you are ready to set up your freelance business in your home? There are a few legal regulations that you should keep in mind.


There are millions of businesses being run from a home office in violation of local zoning regulations. You might want to check with your local county office or zoning department to find out whatrepparttar zoning laws are in your area. Only then will you know for sure if it is legal to run your business from your home. If your business is going to be run in a residentially zone area, you will need to follow strict guidelines. Some of these guidelines might be whererepparttar 117418 home business is allowed, type of business, andrepparttar 117419 amount of space. These guidelines may not inhibitrepparttar 117420 running of your business at all, but you should find out what these regulations are. And, if you are renting an apartment, check your lease to make sure that you are allowed to run a business from it.


Are you planning to buy goods for resale or purchasing materials used in creating a product? Then you require a sales tax number. You will be collecting tax fromrepparttar 117421 buyer and then sending it torepparttar 117422 government tax office. An example of this is an artist selling his art. Contact your state or provincial tax office for more details.

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