N.C. Governor Appoints Rosen Divorce Attorney Chair of Domestic Violence Commission

Written by Alison Kramer


N.C. Governor Appoints Rosen Divorce Attorney Chair of Domestic Violence Commission

Raleigh, NC- Governor Mike Easley recently appointed Lisa Angel, divorce attorney with Rosen Divorce, as chair ofrepparttar North Carolina Domestic Violence Commission. Angel was sworn in last Friday by Judge Robin Hudson ofrepparttar 145034 Court of Appeals.

The purpose ofrepparttar 145035 commission is to assess statewide needs relating to domestic violence and assure those in need receiverepparttar 145036 necessary services and support. The commission also serves to strengthen already established domestic violence programs statewide.

As chair, Angel will be responsible for leading quarterly meetings and serving asrepparttar 145037 spokeswoman forrepparttar 145038 commission. “I’ve been actively involved in domestic violence issues in North Carolina for over 12 years,” says Angel. “I believerepparttar 145039 state has taken several progressive measures overrepparttar 145040 years to better protect people from domestic violence, but there’s still a lot of work to do.”

Frequently Asked Questions about the Guidant Recall

Written by Michael Monheit, Esq. - Guidant Recall Lawsuits

Guidant Recall FAQs

What models are involved inrepparttar defective defibrillator lawsuits and Guidant defibrillator recall? * Ventak Prizm 2 DR (Model 1861), prior to April 16, 2002 * Contak Renewal (Model H135), prior to Aug. 26, 2004 * Contak Renewal 2 (Model H155), prior to Aug. 26, 2004 * Ventak Prizm AVT * Vitality AVT * Renewal 3 AVT * Renewal 4 AVT

What will it cost to replace my defective Guidant defibrillator? The cost is estimated to be between $20,000 and $30,000 to replace a Guidant defibrilaltor.

Who will pay forrepparttar 144958 cost ofrepparttar 144959 surgery to replace my defective Guidant defibrillator? In certain cases, Guidant has agreed to pay forrepparttar 144960 cost of replacement of defective defibrilaltors. You should consult your physician and your insurance company to determine whether Guidant will pay for your replacement.

Are all ofrepparttar 144961 Guidant defibrillators considered defective? No. Only certain models of Guidant defibrillators have shown to have a defect in design or manufacturing. You should checkrepparttar 144962 ID tag for your defbirillator and immediately consult your doctor to determine ifrepparttar 144963 defects apply to your model.

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