NEW World REcord Blue Catfish!

Written by Mike Clifford

Maybe a few of you heard that a near miss state record 80+ lb blue catfish was captured below Alton a few weeks ago.

Well this badboy didn't miss. The IL state record blue catfish was 85 lbs andrepparttar record was crushed.

Check outrepparttar 139595 new WORLD RECORD blue catfish that was caught Saturday night belowrepparttar 139596 lock and dam at Alton.

The fisherman caught a 95 lb cat last year but he didn't feel he was prepared to keeprepparttar 139597 fish alive and turned it loose. The fisherman agreed to let Cabela's displayrepparttar 139598 fish in Kansas City for a few weeks and then is requiring them to turnrepparttar 139599 fish loose, as per their agreement.

Bali Golf Hazards

Written by Lise Lacasse

Bali Golf Hazards

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You seerepparttar wide-winged white birds, Japanese herons, cruising for fish overrepparttar 139530 lagoon orrepparttar 139531 ninth hole. Butrepparttar 139532 monitor lizards, known as alus, stay cool and out of sight in frangipani mirrored waters. More than a meter in length, full grown, and cousin torepparttar 139533 Komodo dragon,repparttar 139534 shy alu is one ofrepparttar 139535 more unusual hazards atrepparttar 139536 Bali Golf and Country Club.

The 18-hole, championship course, just a shank shot away from Amanusa, in southern Bali, was named one of Asia's top five golf courses a few years back by Fortune magazine. Defined by terraced lime-rock walls, by lush vegetarian, tall coconut palms, and an undulating landscape cut by creeks and canyons,repparttar 139537 10-year-old course ripples with surprises from tee to glossy Bermuda greens. Mount Agung shows its sacred face fromrepparttar 139538 Bali Golf and Country Club more often thanrepparttar 139539 alu does, whilerepparttar 139540 Sahara, a 16th hole bunker of spreading sand, is large enough to lose a golf cart in.

Signature Hole

Onrepparttar 139541 par three 12th,repparttar 139542 course's signature hole, an underground stream feedsrepparttar 139543 lagoon. The alang alang roofed temple, just back ofrepparttar 139544 water, is used on special occasions by nearby villagers. The Indian Ocean, all blue, glitter, and bright, foam freshensrepparttar 139545 tropic air over holes 17 and 18. Finish withrepparttar 139546 sea at your back andrepparttar 139547 sound of surf in your ears.

The Merapi Golf Course, huggingrepparttar 139548 very slopes of mercurial Mount Merapi in central Java, is less than an hour's pleasure drive from Amanjiwa. Once past Muntilan and its markets,repparttar 139549 road shimmers with coconut and banana and salak and neat, red tile roofed homes. Come out of a bend to find volcanic Merapi herself, magnificent cone cutting cloud, peering down at you.

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