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09/05/2005, Spilimbergo, Italy Webformat srl has released a new CMS TYPO3 shop system extension. E-commerce has now its open source CMS, easy to use for web site administrators and web users.

WEBFORMAT SHOP SYSTEM Webformat Shop System is a new solution forrepparttar management of e-commerce sites, based on TYPO3 content management. The awareness ofrepparttar 137656 thousand problems and difficulties of choosing a CMS and of creating an e-commerce web site, along with TYPO3 technology, have allowedrepparttar 137657 creation of a a customer oriented shop system, highly usable, cost effective and a real shop management tool helping enterprises inrepparttar 137658 management of e-commerce projects.

Webformat Shop System features a wide customizable visualization of products catalogue and of buying and payment procedures. Itís an extension with some advanced options which allows:

1.a complete and detailed items description with size, dimensions and colours; 2.more options for items characterization according torepparttar 137659 catalogue articulation in categories and levels; 3.orders and invoice management withrepparttar 137660 possibility of implementation withrepparttar 137661 enterprise software; 4.real time price calculator according to different pricelists; and offers management; 6.product page static URL; and promotions management; 8.gateway native support for online payment with PayPal and Banca Sella.

More options are being developed likerepparttar 137662 mangement of stocks, order tracking and VAT and taxes calculations. Further and complete information, as well asrepparttar 137663 download link, about Webformat Shop System is available at

CMS TYPO3 AND B2C SITES: a solution for success! TYPO3 reveals to be one ofrepparttar 137664 best solutions for e-business websites projects and a growing number of enterprises have selected this open source CMS forrepparttar 137665 management of their online sales. TYPO3 quick success is due primarily to its scalability that goes together withrepparttar 137666 liberty of web design. TYPO3 also features:

An Often Overlooked Killer Affiliate Marketing Technique, And How To Use It To Your Great Benefit

Written by Jim Boere

Copyright 2005 Jim Boere

Chances are you are currently promoting one or several affiliate programs as a way to build a residual income for yourself. But are you really makingrepparttar most of your advertising campaign? Are you original, creative, or are you usingrepparttar 137506 same standard promotion techniques all your 'competing' affiliates are using too?

Here's a way to make your offer original. A way to stand out fromrepparttar 137507 crowd, and convert a much higher percentage of your prospects into affiliates.

I'm talking about 'bribing' your prospects!

The one question on every prospect's mind when they're reading your offer: "What's in it for me?". Remember, they might see 20, 50, even 100 emails and ads every day, trying to get them to join an affiliate program. So, what you need to do is make your offer different, original, so that it capturesrepparttar 137508 prospects undivided attention...and 'forces' them to ACT.

One ofrepparttar 137509 techniques I like to use, is adding something torepparttar 137510 'standard offer'. Something they don't get elsewhere. An exclusive bonus, if you will, for joiningrepparttar 137511 program through my affiliate link. A 'bribe'!

The bribe could be, for example, a free guide or tutorial that will help new affiliates make a flying start with a particular program. You could offer this inrepparttar 137512 form of a PDF report, an eCourse, a dedicated 'training page' on your web site, or even one-on-one consultation by email or phone. Whatever you personally feel most comfortable doing. The idea is to give prospects an extra incentive to take action and join immediately.

They will be very tempted to join, because:

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