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It is no wonder in these economic times that an estimated 70% of households inrepparttar United States live paycheck to paycheck with no relief in site. In an effort to make ends meet, consumers continue to use credit cards to fillrepparttar 108446 necessary gaps. According torepparttar 108447 most recent research,repparttar 108448 average household spends $1.22 for every $1 earned (MyVesta,,) andrepparttar 108449 average household credit card debt is at an all time high in this country of $8400 (CardWeb,!

“At one point I had over 18 credit cards all that were at their maximum limit. This shock came after filing for a divorce to an addictive gambler. To my horror, I discovered I was facing $50,000 of cash advances that were used to feed his gambling addiction. The judge felt it was only fair to splitrepparttar 108450 debt and I wound up $25,000 in debt atrepparttar 108451 age of 22. How is it, I wondered, that my husband could make me an authorized signer, without my knowledge, and make me responsible for his debt? Despite my best attempts at fighting this, I wound up $25,000 in debt! I vowed at that moment to never make such foolish financial choices again. That was nearly 15 years ago, and even though I accumulated more debt by returning to school alongrepparttar 108452 way, I’m now and forever more completely debt-free.” states Kimberly Griffiths, author of a new ebook, ONE PAYCHECK AT A TIME, ($9.99). "I readrepparttar 108453 book and I loved it! I am very impressed with some of your simple yet useful tips on spending less money. Money saved is worth twice as much as money earned. I think this book should be taught in high schools because finances are one ofrepparttar 108454 most crucial aspects of our lives. It gives a structured plan of attack to follow. Buying this book is simply ‘money inrepparttar 108455 bank’ It will save you thousands and thousands of dollars if only a few ideas are implemented. People who read and followrepparttar 108456 exercises will loserepparttar 108457 financial handcuffs much faster than those who don't." says Ken Norkus, a Mortgage Broker from Chicago, IL. The author further reveals, “Ironically for over 12 years I worked as a Banker marketing credit cards and loans with huge fees to customers. From this experience, I stumbled onto to a system that seemed to help me become debt free. ONE PAYCHECK AT A TIME is not an auto-biography of how I reached debt-free status; rather, it’s a workbook to help you get out of whatever debt YOU are facing by mastering one debt-free technique each pay period. If I managed to pull myself out of over $25,000 in debt withrepparttar 108458 tools I learned overrepparttar 108459 years, you can do it too. The workbook has been arranged in a personal journal format so thatrepparttar 108460 reader customizesrepparttar 108461 budget exercises in collaboration withrepparttar 108462 timing of their paychecks.” "Great advice and tools for getting you out of a debt crunch. For those onrepparttar 108463 edge of having too much debt, this sound guidance should help keep you onrepparttar 108464 right side." states Judy Mischel, a Branch Manager of a national bank in Chicago, IL. ONE PAYCHECK AT A TIME, a 200 page workbook, contains budget management exercises for an entire year of paychecks. The author, Kimberly A. Griffiths, has been throughrepparttar 108465 vicious cycle of debt herself, and provides a no-nonsense system to managing your money paycheck to paycheck. You customizerepparttar 108466 journal based on your pay schedule and learnrepparttar 108467 necessary tools for making ends meet. To download a copy of ONE PAYCHECK AT A TIME ($9.99), visit

Writing an e-Book Needs Software - Free is Best!

Written by Grant McNamara

If you've been keeping track of Internet trends then you'll be aware ofrepparttar huge potential of promoting and selling e-Books. E-Books are becoming a common medium used onrepparttar 108445 Internet. An e-Book is simply a book, that can be read on a computer. Many books now aren't even published in hard copy.

Perhaps you're considering writing an e-Book, well if so read on. This article explains some ofrepparttar 108446 mystery and might well save you a heap of cash.

E-Books have a wide popularity and avoid many ofrepparttar 108447 costs of traditional hard copy publishing. They don't need to be printed, and as such avoidrepparttar 108448 associated costs of distribution, inventory andrepparttar 108449 risk of not selling. In fact they don't need a traditional publisher. Anyone can write a manuscript, format it as an e-Book and promote it on their web site themselves. And of course there are numerous examples of e-Books beingrepparttar 108450 basis of promoting successful affiliate programs.

Many e-Books are used as a mechanism (often indirectly) to promote web sites. Authors of e-Books gain credence fromrepparttar 108451 fact they've achieved publication, not to mentionrepparttar 108452 information their book contains.

Creating an e-Book is technically very simple (oncerepparttar 108453 text of repparttar 108454 book and any associated artwork has been completed). In order to create an e-Book we need a software product. The software takes repparttar 108455 manuscript developed in a word processor and converts this into an e-Book.

The resulting e-Book created byrepparttar 108456 software will usually be in one of three forms; either a PDF document file, an executable file (called an exe file type) or an 'ebo' file (the e-Book system used by Microsoft).

PDF, which stands for Portable Document Format, isrepparttar 108457 file extension for e-Book (along with any other document) created with Adobe Acrobat Writer. This isrepparttar 108458 de facto standard used inrepparttar 108459 commercial printing industry. If you plan to have hard copies printed then you should seriously consider usingrepparttar 108460 PDF format.

An alternative is to use an e-Book software system called a compiler. Such products effectively do exactlyrepparttar 108461 same task as Adobe Acrobat Writer, butrepparttar 108462 output is an executable (which isrepparttar 108463 file name suffix ofrepparttar 108464 resulting file). Most such compilers are priced at around US$100.

Andrepparttar 108465 third alternative;repparttar 108466 Microsoft ebo file system which is making dramatic inroads. It is still relatively new, but like most things Microsoft do, once they decide they want to berepparttar 108467 market leader, competition beware!

So this raisesrepparttar 108468 question of which type of e-Book isrepparttar 108469 most appropriate. Decidingrepparttar 108470 answer to this question depends on several factors, not least of which is howrepparttar 108471 e-Book is going to be marketed.

Advantages of using Adobe Acrobat Writer include:

Adobe Acrobat Writer will convert an entire document containing all ofrepparttar 108472 text and graphics in a single step. To do thisrepparttar 108473 original document needs to be a single word processing document (or a linked document equivalent). This also facilitates updated versions to be created ifrepparttar 108474 source needs to be edited.

The resulting file can incorporate an index, external links to repparttar 108475 internet, automated page numbering and a multitude of other facilities.

Forrepparttar 108476 person who wants to readrepparttar 108477 book they use a software system called Adobe Acrobat Reader. Adobe makes this software available for free and it is widely distributed and used. It is an excellent product which allowsrepparttar 108478 reader to print, use repparttar 108479 index, and have complete control overrepparttar 108480 size ofrepparttar 108481 text. It also facilitates add-ins such disability facilities (i.e. a synthesized voice system can readrepparttar 108482 text). The free Adobe Acrobat e-Reader system is an alternative to Acrobat Reader. As well as allrepparttar 108483 features of Acrobat Readerrepparttar 108484 e-Reader system takes any existing PDF file and presentsrepparttar 108485 text in an e-Book form.

The resulting PDF file is almost always far smaller than an equivalent executable file. Thus download times are shorter andrepparttar 108486 file occupies less space onrepparttar 108487 reader's computer.

PDF files can be guaranteed virus free, where as executable files don't have this advantage. People generally don't like to download files that have an exe suffix inrepparttar 108488 name. Exe files are a notorious way for viruses to be spread and people tend to be more reluctant to download them than they would with PDF files.

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